Prestige vs Prophecy General Yo Question

I have a Prestige.

If anyone has played both, is it worth picking up the Prophecy?

I’m asking if you noticed significant differences in play.

I really like the Prestige btw, very nice yo-yo!

My GY Amplitude is my main yo-yo, although a Dif-Internal Turmoil made it to the desk.

I have both.

Prophecy is like a slightly bigger Prestige with the weight a little more evenly spread out. Because of the cool fingerspin cup it’s not quite as solid feeling as the Prestige. Faster too I think–it’s definitely lighter.
Ultimately though, the differences aren’t that major, aside from the cup. However, if you can find one for a decent price I’d say it’s worth it.

They’re both great.

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Thanks for that, exactly what I was looking for. I have so much to work on, and not doing finger spins right now. I’m going to be happy with what I have.

Sounds like a plan. Do add it to your list of must-try’s though–it’s definitely worth a throw!

The Legato on the other hand… I’d probably pick up one of those first. It’s fantastic.

Yup…I have all three and I would personally skip the first two and go right for the Legato! ;D