What do you consider General Yo's best playing yoyo??


My vote is the Prestige…!

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

The Prestige is excellent for sure. Such a smooth play feel.


7075 majesty


Yep, prestige was gonna be my vote. BUT I haven’t thrown a legato yet…


Legato was built off Prestige profile so either way Prestige gets a vote brother… Lol


I haven’t tried everything, including the Legato, but I’d have to say the Prestige or the Prophecy. I thought the Prophecy felt like a refined Prestige, but from refinement you lose a little bit of the original magic.


Model 10


I really loved the old hat trick. The essence feels really well too. Performance wise probably legato. I haven’t tried them all either tho. The majesty I tried played really well too.


I feel like there are two questions:

  1. Best playing?
  2. Most General-Yo playing?

I personally agree with the Prestige as the best playing but can’t deny how amazing the Legato is. From a design perspective the Legato should be better, but I’m a sucker for Ernie’s monometals ;D

As for the most characteristic of a General-Yo, I’d have to go with the Hatrick. Think back to the early days of Gen-Yo, small yoyos, a nice blast, dead smooth… the Hatrick is all of those things and is super nice to look at.

General-Yo FTW!


I’ve owned a few General-Yos, but he Hat Trick is the only one I’ve held on to. Still throw it pretty regularly, one of my favorites!


Lol I have Hatrick and you said that perfectly… The Torrent was the first awesome Metal throw made!!! And I have number 008…you said it all…
General Yo… FTW… I NEED TO GET A Legato!


Prestige is the only GenYo I’ve thrown, but it was smooth as silk… :slight_smile:


Nothing beats the Five Star. Except the Magnum. It’s hard to tell but I carry the Magnum more than the Five Star for sure.