General-Yo Prestige Review

Prestige by General-Yo


Diameter: 56.44 mm
Width: 43.70 mm
Weight: 65.80 grams

Hat Pad response
AIGR Bearing

Out of the Box:

When I first opened up the box I noticed that the yoyo came strung with a YYSL Type X and there was also another Type X in a small baggie. I also noticed right away the engraving. The engraving on this yoyo IMHO is the best one Ernie has used to date. Simple and classy. I was also very happy with the color and blast. The two tone solid blue and that “classic” blast just screams General-Yo.

Look and Feel:

In the hand this yoyo feels and looks great. It fits nice in the hand. Not too big and not too small. Feels just like a Chief actually. That V shape in the gap is VERY well done and the sight lines are very easy on the eye. The feel of the blast is just well… Anyone who has felt a General-Yo with that blast knows just what I mean. This is the best bead blast in the industry. The inner cup has a few interesting elements. First off is the hub… This is the first time there is no spike in a General-Yo throw. For me this is welcome as I am not a big fan of the spike. This also allows fingerspins and gives a nice spot for the engraving. The weight ring is a bit more mid/center than on the KLR, Majesty and M10 (more on that in the next section) The look of the inner cup is again, very easy on the eyes.


This yoyo is a flat out player. I have had it for a week and in that time it has been my go to throw. The balance is spot on. It goes right where you want it to go and it moves effortlessly through tricks. I have noticed excellent spin times as well. The yoyo is stable and very “floaty/solid”… Both floaty and solid at the same time… Few yoyos can do that. Binds are also great. Nice and tight without being to snagy.

On my 1st few throws I noticed the weight, it plays a tad heavier than the M10 but lighter than the Majesty. I felt that the M10 was a bit too light and the Majesty a tad on the heavy side. SO for me this is perfect. Also, with the weighting being a bit more mid/center you get that more solid feel that also keeps the float (think Chief) In my opinion this yoyo plays VERY much like a Chief… Maybe a tad bit more solid.

The stability is great. I have never had a problem with the yoyo tilting or going “off plane” on me. One of the things I keep noticing is the fun factor. This yoyo is a TON of fun to play. I never want to put it down… It just is one of those yoyos that you keep coming back too.

Overall Feeling:

I have owned every General-Yo model except the Magnum and 5 Star V1. My favorite up to this point has been the KLR. I still need some time with this guy but I can see the Prestige taking over as my all time favorite General-Yo it has all the elements that I look for in a good player and then some. Thanks go to Ernie and his crew for designing such a killer throw… Awesome job!!!

Thanks for reading!!



Also, I really want this baby now. More solid, V shaped Chief.
Tasty TASTY!

Fixed!! And thank you!! Yup it is great!!

Great review boss! I too got the solid dark/light blue. I had to get that traditional blast, its too good. Just got it today, so I’m going to play a while before I give my full thoughts, but my initial is that its VERY good. I will admit I was a bit surprised when i threw it down the first time because I forgot that Ernie was using a different bearing this go around. I’m used to that first throw being dead silent lol. Other than that, thus far exactly what I expected, a great great yoyo.

mgiroux’s review very closely resembles what I would say about the yoyo, except that I have not played the M10 or Majesty for that side-to-side comparison.

Definitely fun to throw. Keep wanting to grab it. :smiley:

Great review!

I’ll be getting a Prestige in the exact color in a few days. :smiley:

I seem to be having some trouble with spin times and stability. Maybe I just need to throw harder.

That is interesting. Have you tried a different bearing? Also, from my history with Hat Pads they do take some break in time.

I totally have a man crush on your review and the prestige!!! Great review and I think your word picture here was painted perfectly and accurately!

Great review, can’t wait to receive mine!

It would be nice if you came back to this review in a week or two, for some follow-up thoughts. Let us know if it’s de-throned the KLR once the honeymoon phase wears off!

Thank you for the kind words! I will do just that!!!

Well, I was all set to choose between a Squared Wheels Rockefeller and a One Drop Format:C today.

Then I saw this review, and on its strength, and the strength of the powder coated Majesty I got via BST here, I just ordered a dark blue Prestige, instead.

I’ve got a B-grade KLR (eBay) coming. The description said it has just a little vibe…which has never really bothered me. Sounds like I’ve got a couple of great throws coming.

Yea you do!! Ernie’s B Grades pass as many companies A grades!!! Enjoy that Prestige and come back and let us know what you think of it!!

No, that was my next step. I’ve never had a problem with the bearings in the past, however. I’ve had an Essence, a couple of Torrent II, an Entheos, a Majesty. I’ll throw in a ceramic KK and see what happens.

Me too - I have had mine for almost a week, but am finding it is nowhere near as smooth as my smooth as glass BA Majesty or my almost just as smooth M10. It seems to have, dare I say it, a little bit of vibe! I have tried all three in the same session and found my Prestige seems a bit ‘buzzy’ comparatively speaking.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a great yoyo, but I feel I prefer my M10 and Majesty over it- perhaps it is just my particular yoyo.

I would agree with this review. I consider this throw “stable” relative to all my throws. But, I believe the Majesty and Model 10 beat it in the stability department. But, this model of course offers other things the Majesty and Model 10 did not. Not my favorite General Yo, but it’s a winner, for sure. For now, I’d say it is within the top 4 General Yos ever, without a doubt…and probably top 3 even. I’m still deciding on that one.
Prestigecupshot by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Thanks for the input. It is great to see other peoples perspective on this yoyo. Awesome picture as well!! Got to love those cup shots!!

Ive found that the prestige is far more versatile than the m10 and majesty. Ntm it beats both of them out in the horizontal department. No trouble with stability or spin times. Ntm my prestiges are dead smooth. I dont find it plays quite like a chief. Id compare m10 more with the chief because of it immediacy in movement. The prestige glides more and takes a small push to pick up pace. M10 is a stability monster but is consequently less versatile. Personally ill be throwing the prestige over the rest. Yeah if any probs with spin time its gotta be bearig trouble.

You had me at Chief. Hmm, should I get this or the Amplifier and El Ranchero?

Now that’s a tough call. El Ranchero is one of my favourites of all time. No grinding surface and is not “floaty”, though. Apparently Amplifier is also pretty solid on the string.

If you could force me to pick between Prestige and El Ranchero, I would probably pick the latter… but partly out of sentimentality and love of the Ranchero’s aesthetics. In terms of pure performance and range of abilities, the Prestige wins every time.