Wow general yo did it again

The new prestige prototype is on their Facebook page and its amazing looking and should be a real player :).

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They always do… they always do.

For those without Facebook and unable to see it:


Wow. I’ve always been curious about General-Yos, and this might cement my decision on getting one.
Any speculations about the price? I wouldn’t mind getting it raw.

They’re usually always around the 100 range or somewhere in that price range. Highest you’ll see them go for is about $120 or so.

Azrinrain SR is right from what I heard. But I cannot confirm for sure.

Even at $120, i think it’s not too pricey for the great stuff General-Yo makes.
Now to find other interested parties to do a bulk buy (apparently no one in Malaysia sells General-Yo, and probably no one has ever heard of it).

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Same thing here in the Philippines.

:slight_smile: I can’t wait , looks sweet .

If by “Wow general yo did it again” you mean they made another yoyo, then you’d be correct.

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For me seeing that raw aluminum sitting on top of the shavings is bliss baby!

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Really for me it looks like a high potential for lots of scratches. lol

I’m ready for this drop! Ernie always does an amazing job and he really put out another great throw! Hopefully there will be a BA edition with my name on it. :slight_smile:

First General Yo without a Spike :o

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Take my GD money NOW!!!

Nothing a clear coat of powder can’t fix.

Pooh that looks like a dream Yoyo I want!

Okay, so this might be for another thread. If so then I’ll make a new one, but I’m wondering if anybody knows where General Yo usually does their machining? I’ve heard about how smooth General Yo’s are, but I’ve never had one. On the Facebook post it says that he is using One Drop’s machine shop right now. I could be wrong and General Yo usually uses a different shop, but if they always use OD’s then how is it that their yoyos are so much smoother than other companies when they are being made on the same machines that everybody makes their yoyos on?

I’m sure Ernie doesn’t want it to be made public exactly what shop he usually machines at, but I can tell you that Ernie’s been machining for a LONG time. He’s a total perfectionist and knows everything you need to know about machining. He usually machines parts for Boeing I believe. He’s been in the business a long time and knows exactly what he’s doing. Ernie machines yoyos when he has the time on the machines at his work, but the shop has been very busy lately so Ernie headed up to OneDrop and machined them over there. Ernie knows exactly what he’s doing, so I’m sure the yoyos will be dead smooth as always. Paul Dang already affirmed to me that they were. :slight_smile:

Ernie, Alex Lee and I brainstormed this one up. Alex and I wanted a more angular yoyo designed for competition play (specifically technical and horizontal play). We talked with Ernie for long periods of time on several occasions. It took a long time to get the CAD design just right, but by the looks of the pictures we hit the jackpot! Mine’s already in the mail. I’ll tell you guys how it plays and post a picture of it when I get it!

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