Prestige mini review

Hi all this is my first written review so please go easy on me .

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General-Yo Prestige
Weight 65.8 G
Width 43.7 mm
Diameter 56.44
Bearing C Size

First impressions: the anno looks great, I wasn’t expecting that,I got the comp grade (anno flaw). The few flaws it has are small , and blend in well .It looks better then some of my A-Grades from other manufactures.

First throw: (a sleeper) It’s feels super smooth, and unbelievably quiet, I couldn’t feel it spinning away.

Play: very stable and some what floaty . It feels like a cross between the M10 and the Majesty. It’s seems to have some of the float of the M10 with out being all over the place , And the control of the Majesty with out that heavy feeling .
It’s pretty forgiving on a bad throw and the gap is a good size I can double or triple up on the sting with a couple of flips, and hops , and not snag or loose of spin time .
I’m not really the best at grinding , but I can get a very good finger grind on it . Mine has the light blast finish , seems to grind well. I think it’s the shape that lets me get such a good finger grind . it’s very well balanced .

After a couple of days into playing the bearing really started to really break in . At first it got a bit loud , and I thought the honeymoon is over. But after giving it some more play , and break in time. It went back to being quiet again . I usually put in a OD 10 ball in all my throws , But I am happy with the stock bearing, so I left it in .

I took it to a meet , to see what others thought of it in my club . I told them I was planning on picking up another, they all said I can see why . They were all very impressed.

I’ve read a ton of post on facebook saying It’s the best General-Yo to date.It might very well be. I won’t say that because I really enjoy my others.
But , I am extremely happy with this purchase, and would highly recommend it .

Nice mini review!

I have to agree with much of what you said…the Prestige is arguably the best yet from Ernie and General Yo…especially if you are looking for a no-holds-barred competition throw. The Prestige is fast…floaty…stable…and can handle anything you can throw at it. Certainly way more than I throw at it :wink: but you get the drift. I think Ernie hit the nail on the head…and it appears that he created exactly what the modern player is looking for right now.

I got to see some of Ernie’s ano flawed ones and some B-grades (or so he calls them that) at Nats, and you are right…they look and play better than most company’s A grade yoyos. Ernie’s standards are the highest in the industry…and the customer is rewarded each and every time.

I will admit to being a big fan of the Majesty as well…that may be my favorite of all Gen Yos (ok…so the Torrent will ALWAYS be near and dear to my heart)…but the Majesty is cleary a design that should have more mass appeal…whether you are just starting out, or ready to take on the competition!

Again…nice job!


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Nice review. One thing you mentioned about the Prestige being a mix of the Majesty and M10. Exactly my feelings. I’m a big fan of those two
Models. I got a Prestige from Ernie before Nats. A blasted blue and lt blue. Immediately after getting it I asked Ernie for a second, the Orange Boo smooth smooth smooth!!!. It seems with each model Ernie is consistently upping the game. The Prestige has a great new hub that’s differs than previous Gen yo’s. I can’t wait to learn to finger spin. It’s a nice organic feel. Very chilled out throw!! I’m thinking’ 2 might not be enough. Thanks for the great treatment too Ernie!! You deserve all the accolades!!

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Yes, nice review. You’ve about summarized my thoughts about the Prestige in relation to the M10 and Majesty too. I am so impressed by and pleased with my Prestige, and as you said, this takes nothing away from the M10 or Majesty (love them both), but I do feel that Ernie has again outdone himself! I got the Orange Boo colorway which comes with the Pyramatte finish. I was a bit hesitant about this, but I must say I have no regrets, as the finish is silky smooth. I’m feeling that I may “need” to get hold of a second one also!! Superlative work, Ernie!

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Very nice review i also have a prestige i have one of the first protos fident even come in a box lol but its unbelivable ernie and his team really out did them selves with this one it was nothing else that iv ever thrown since i started i also have his majesties and i thought they were the best until i got the prestige in the mail i still havent went back to anything in my collection yet its a definite pick up to anyone that can respect a amazing throw and jiggyfly i always watch your unboxings you have a very outstanding collection once again very nice review i would have any thing else to say you nailed it all :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on finishing my general yo collection and this is Ernie’s best so far has an amazing feel to it the right weight, buttery smooth spin and a great over all feel its hard to imagine topping this model but then I say that about all of Ernie’s throws great job Ernie!! ;D

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The Prestige is more like a KLR and an M10, not a Majesty and M10. I felt no Majesty in the Prestige at all.

Plus, the Prestige looks more like the KLR than any other General Yo does.


Right on Jiggy! Thanks for the review I have some very similar feelings. I am extremely impressed with Ernie and his knack for the awesome and awe inspiring that goes hand in hand with his releases.

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I picked up a Prestige at BLC and liked it so much, I picked up another at Nationals. Let me say your mini review is dead on with my experience. I have been going between throwing a Crucial Dulce (heavier and fast on the strings), CLYW Chief (floatier), and my General Yo Majesty (plays in between these two for me with more stability).
As far as smoothness, when i first threw it, I had to put my finger up to it because it did not feel like it was spinning. It is that dead smooth! When I throw combos with it and think, “okay, it’s time to bind,” the Prestige returns with the authority of a five-star General (a real one, since i haven’t played that yoyo!).

Spin times are just amazing, even with a new bearing that hasn’t gone through the break-in period.

Grinds are amazing because of the bead blast and the fact that the yoyo plays with such stability. I am looking forward to learning horizontal play since the Prestige has nice recessed bump for finger spins.

This is the first yoyo I have gotten that made me feel like a better player right out of the box. So here’s my suggestion to anyone who is on the fence or never played a General Yo throw: If you only buy one more yoyo in your lifetime, the Prestige is the one you should get. And if you buy 2 more yoyo’s…get a 2nd Prestige because this one is worth backing up in your arsenal. My other throws are going to be collecting dust for a long time thanks to this throwable-art masterpiece from General Yo!


Also to give you guys a heads up, the prestige is an absolute beast at horizontals so if you need training wheels here it is. The M10 and Prestige are not only gen yos best works but two of the best competition throws out there, its incredible how long they sleep. Great review already have 1 raw and 2 blue mist, which grinds forever with the light blast. These things are gonna sell in under a minute to watch out :slight_smile:

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Loving the Prestige!  Agree with everything you said.  Definitely the most competitive General Yo to date.  Fast when you want it to be, horizontal is super easy, plus with all the amount of quality Ernie puts in his work you won’t be disappointed.  At Nationals Ernie won an award for the quality of his products.  Easily one of my favorite throws to date.  :smiley:

Plus if you haven’t already you HAVE to see James Reed’s video of it.



I love this screen-cap so much:

If you’re reading this and the Prestige has already been released, then you need to stop reading my ‘review’ and go watch Jame’s video then buy a Prestige, ASAP. But I’ll throw in a few good words about the Prestige while I’m here.

First and foremost, the Prestige is released on my Birthday, so somebody better buy me one. :stuck_out_tongue: Jk, I already have one hehe

I got a Purple Sage prestige a while ago. Although I like to call it Peanut Butter & Jelly :smiley: Mine isn’t engraved, but I like the engraving’s that were put on them. Very clean and great placement, great way to take advantage of the hub.

Speaking of the hub, I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of difficult to just pop the yoyo up into a fingerspin. BUT, I find that if you pinch the hub matador style and then tilt the yoyo manually… you can get the most impressive fingerspin that can last for a surprisingly long time. I blew some yoyo muggle’s minds when I did this. The combo of the matador style gyro into a bad@$$ minute long fingerspin seemed to defy physics. Sometimes I just do this over and over because of how cool it is, not even gonna lie.

I like the new bearings in the Prestige. I’m not sure what they are (I forgot, but I wanna say Buddha bearings?) but I feel it might be a major improvement over the AIGR’s. I can’t be certain because I usually swap for 10 balls, but I think the new bearings are great! Very happy with it.

As for the shape, I can see how people feel a little bit of KLR/Majesty/M10 in it. I agree with SR that it is more like the KLR than the Majesty. But, I feel that all four (Prestige, KLR, Majesty, M10) are all must have’s for Genyo collectors. They are the Four General-Yo Juggernauts, each one I feel is a little more refined than the last, but they all share the same DNA in a way. Kinda like four brothers, each one just looks a little different. Idk, but I love them so much.

I think Mr. Kaiser has his competition formula down. In the last year we got M10, Majesty and Prestige. I can’t imagine what’s going to come in the next year but I have no doubt that it will only keep getting better. I started buying General Yo’s when the 5*v2 came out, and the excitement/anticipation for each new release has never left me and I haven’t been disappointed in a Genyo yet. Infact, just when I think Kaiser can’t impress me anymore than he already has, he somehow manages to every time :slight_smile:

Also, congratulations to Mr. Kaiser! Definitely deserved this.

General Yo 4 Life

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I have to chime in as well… Very impressed with this throw. I have every General-yo model with exception of the original Torrent, and the Prestige is my favorite to date. The KLR was the throw to beat for me, followed closely by the 7075 Majesty. I love how smooth and fast playing the Prestige is. The Purple Sage colorway looks great and the General-Yo blast is my favorite for feel and grinds. I was very happy to also see it ship with a Konkave bearing (Buddha I believe), so I didn’t have to immediately change out the bearing as I normally do. General-Yo has been my favorite company for quite a while, and Ernie doesn’t disappoint with each new release. The quality and thought that goes into each throw is very evident in how it plays.

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Thank you for all the replies everyone. I was happy to see how of you liked my mini review . And I really enjoyed reading your different thoughts on the Prestige. :slight_smile:

I love my Prestige! I bought an Orange Boo from Ernie a couple weeks before Nationals. In the short time that I had it I knew that I’d need another one. I don’t own doubles of just any yoyo. I only get doubles of throws I absolutely love. At nationals I ended up picking up a Blue Love and it is a gorgeous yoyo spinning and still.

For me the yoyo to beat was the Model 10 which is still currently ranked as my all time favorite. The Prestige shares a few of of the characteristics of the Model 10 being on the floaty side, very maneuverable, excellent for horizontals (I think the Prestige is better), and has a nice angular shape. I am a sucker for a nice angular throw so to see a 3rd angular competition yoyo come from General Yo meant it needed to be in collection.

I have to agree with feruvox when he says that the Prestige is a beast for horizontal. I don’t have too many horizontal tricks, but I can get through my long combo with enough spin to do it again and STILL have enough spin to bind comfortably. That’s yoyorecreation status!! At nationals I ran into Feruvox and he said that when doing horizontal with the Prestige it’s almost like it says “Here, let me help you out ;)” and I believe that’s a pretty accurate statement. With a little practice finger spins aren’t too difficult. I remember blowing a few minds (even Ty Goldman was impressed 8)) landing finger spins and doing a sidewinder bind. If you land one it will spin for a good 1.5 minutes EASY!

The Prestige tears through regular tricks like nothing. I’ll have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the pyramatte finish, but was surprised with how well it could grind on the Prestige. It says something when you end up owning BOTH colors that have the pyramatte finish :wink: despite having a lightish feel to it, it does not lack the spin time lighter throws tend to have and gets through even my longest combos with enough spin to have a comfortable bind. In the previous paragraph I mentioned how great the Prestige is at Horizontals, and I hope that also gets the idea across to who ever reads this that the Prestige is also a very stable yoyo.

Even though I’ve had one for almost 4 weeks, I am still unsure of how it ranks up to my Model 10 as my all time favorite. I don’t know if I can just dethrone a yoyo like that :wink: It’ll have to be a while before I make a final decision, but this is an EXCELLENT yoyo. If you are on the fence about getting one, it’ll be working the effort trying to pick one up from a retailer. You will not be disappointed.


This is the General I have been waiting for …Salute Le General !!!

Good review JiggyFly. Only one complaint… There is no reason you should write reviews. Your charm, charisma, and accent in your videos is something I can not appreciate in print.

Soothing vocals of Science: Richard Feynman
Voice I love to hear when hearing about the Universe: Carl Sagan
Speak to me about YoYos: JiggyFly

thanks for the review!