Should i get a General yo majesty or model 10?


Like the title says! i have the opportunity to get the majesty or the model 10 and i was wondering what you guys think :smiley:


I love both of these yoyos. Both play pretty differently from each other.

Out of the two I threw my M10 more. It has a great floaty feel to it, the shape is very comfortable, and it still offers some incredible spin times.

The Majesty felt a little more solid to me, still floaty just not as much as the M10.

Both play great though so I would say it comes down to which shape you think you would prefer. Here is a link to my first M10 review:,56559.msg580094.html#msg580094


Majesty. For some reason the M10 felt weak for me.


I agree with this. Majesty feels so powerful yet the m10 felt fragile



But majesty is more for me. Organic, more stable. Model 10 is better at horizontal, and speed


What about the Prestige vs the M10 and Majesty? They all look pretty similar and have pretty similar dimentions, Im getting a Prestige but still interested in an M10 or Majesty, the Prestige will be my first General Yo so I will have something to compare it to =).

I heard from someone the Prestige plays similar to the Chief? I heard it looks very very similar to the ILYY Nile but I have never tried it before.

(major_seventh) #7

M10 is floaty and not as powerful, with a comfortable stepped V shape.

Majesty spins like a truck and is more solid, with an organic shape.

I have them both, and love them both! Although the Majesty started feeling kinda bland to me after owning it for over a year, but I still love it and thatโ€™s just my taste.

Either will be a great purchase, as is any General-Yo.


The prestige is one of the most awesome gen yos, it is rivaled only by the amplitude.