How do I decide??? Model 10 or Majesty?


How do I decide between the 2???

Some of my favorites are

7075 chief
Code 2

(SR) #2

It doesn’t matter which one you get, honestly. They’re both so good it doesn’t even matter.

Model 10 is more floaty and angular than the Majesty which is more stable, heavier, and rounded/organically shaped. If you like floaty and angular yoyos get the Model 10, if you like rounded and stable yoyos get the Majesty. It doesn’t matter, they’re both so good, that you won’t be disappointed with either.

Get whatever you can get your hands on first, and I wouldn’t spend too much more time thinking about it or you won’t get your hands on one at all.


Which is shaped more like chief/code 2? And what can u compare the shape of the other one to?


I have the v2 badass Majesty. I prefer it to my Chief and Summit and Avalanche (although I only got the Chief and Summit a couple of days ago and have hardly had a chance to throw them!).

Apparently, the m10 is floatier and faster than the Majesty… (I have read this somewhere)


I don’t really understand what angular means shaped more like a g5?


There are images all over the internet! Look it up!


I still dont know :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Pick the cooler looking one.

There are Still Bad@ss Majesty’s somewhere I know of.

If you want one brand new, I know what store to buy from.

PM me if you want to know.



I personally like the Majesty’s profile much better.

(SR) #11

Since you really seem to be struggling and are extremely indecisive, as well as fail to understand basic terms like “angular” and “rounded” I have decided to take a picture for you. Luckily I had my Model 10, Majesty, Chief, and camera all next to each other; how funny and convenient.

Anyways. The M10 is left of the Chief, Majesty is right of the Chief.


Lol, I want an m10 so much, the shape looks really nice on it too. I’ve never thrown a general yo :’( how much is a m10 again?

(SR) #13

$120 retail. You will not find them in stores anymore, they are gone. If you want one, you’ll have to get one on BST.


If that’s the case, they probably won’t be much cheaper on the bst…at all…

(SR) #15

You can get non-mint ones for $70. You just have to be on the lookout.


u can buy them new. Noonar told me a place.


Received my m10. Compared to my badass v2 Majesty it does feel a little lighter and floatier and as a result seems a bit more manoeuvrable (they both seem to go exactly where I want easily, but the m10 seems even easier to move around during tricks).

I prefer the M10 slightly now, but I think there is no better one out of the two and it comes down directly to individual preference (get both like me ;D ).