2 yoyos left in the world Model 10 or a Wrath


Which one are u keeping?


Tbh not enough people have tried the wrath…

(2Sick Joey) #3

Wrath haha


I’d want the Model 10.

Looks like a Perfect yoyo to me.


I would get a wrath.
Its freakin impossible to get one.
if only I was allowed to bst.


Do your parents tell you no?


Yeah I cant bst because of my parents


I’m thinking the wrath but idk I’m trading my spare mighty flea for one should be in any day. :slight_smile:

(SR) #9

Model 10


Model 10


I would choose the Model 10. Both play great, but I enjoy the shape, finish, and spin time of the Model 10 more.


why do people say it is impossible to get a wrath http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/778/Deadly-Spin-Wrath they are still in stock. I dont get it. Now and M10 is hard to get.


Probably a Model 10. Tbh I haven’t tried either. M10 appeals to me more though.


I meant model 10 is impossible to get
wraths are still in stock and relatively easy to get.,


I haven’t tried a wrath, but I do own 2 Model 10s. I can safely say that the model 10 is one of my top 5 favorite yoyos of all time. The shape is great, it grind very well, and it’s glass smooth on the string. It just works well for me. I highly recommend it.


I don’t get this…if there are two yoyos left in the world, just keep both…?


He just made this thread to see which one he should get… He didnt ask directly cuz he doesnt want people to say it’s all preference…

(Alex Fairhurst) #18

Wrath fo sho

I think it’s amazing that we’re being directly compared to a company with as much a reputation as General-Yo. Especially since we’ve only had 1 release. DS is awesome. Thanks for the love, guys.


The Wrath has NOTHING on the M10.

Wrath is fun no doubt, but M10 is pure performance and beauty