General-Yo's Official News

This is the new Official General-Yo thread.
We will keep you up to date with whats going on RIGHT HERE!

Excited with our latest throw.
Some are back from anodize.
Seen here some of the blasted 7075 solid colors.
Wanted the grey light, but dark enough to engrave.


Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.

I love that all grey.

They look great, Ernie!

Stunning! Love the purple and gray myself. Smooth lines and an awesome looking finish.

Smokin hot! These things may be my fave General Yo.

This pre pro majesty in my hand right now has to one of the best yoyos I’ve ever thrown.

And I’ve thrown the Chief, the Cascade, and other company’s “Flagship” yoyos.

Is the Majesty machined in house?

They look amazimg!

A pre-engraved solid red is on its way as of yesterday. I will put up a quick unboxing vid when I receive it. Very stoked.

Yes, at my main shop in Anaheim, CA.
I work there pretty much full time now.

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AWESOME!!! I can’t wait to get mine Ernie!!! Thank you Brother for such awesome looking and playing throws!!!

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Kudos! I have been doing a powder coat on one and have to say it’s top notch machining.

I am definitely going to get one of these! I’ve heard great things about General-Yo but never had the opportunity to try one.

General Yo is awesome…Threw my buddy’s mini Star, so smooth and smexy to throw some tricks with. Definitely gonna try to save up eventually to get a G-Y throw.

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Every General Yo since the Entheos I have wanted.
Looks so good!

These look so awesome. Pretty sure this will be my first General Yo throw.

WOW Ernie!!! WOW… You ever had that feeling of love on first throw?? Well this was it for me. I will post more comments when I have had it a while. The blasted 7075 looks STUNNING in person!!!

I posted a pic with the KLR as well…

that’s what I call the Royal Majesty, I got one the same coming in the mail… how do you like it sir?

It is unreal. The blast and the smoothness alone are crazy. It’s a freestyle machine!!! Super solid and stable and just flies through combos!!!

Any engraving on that bad boy?

Nope. Just how I like them too!!