Model 10

This throw is awesome! Anybody that does not have one, Get it now!

How is everyone else liking there’s? I did not want to put this in the manufacture there, just because I am asking the simple question of how everybody else likes there’s.

Gotta love the 1 of 5 AMAN. Even came with red white and blue string :smiley: Please guy’s, it is NOT for sale. Thanks!


I snagged a black/red BA model 10 at CA States a few weeks back and I love it. I was and still am super impressed with it. Definitely one of my favorite non-SPYY throws.

ya i keep taking throw of the day pics and putting them on instagram. but no matter what throw the throw of the day is, I always end up using my model10

I love both of mine. I got a BA blue/clear Model 10 at Cal States and loved it so much I got a red one just recently. Perfect weight for me, super smooth. And it fits in line with the shape I like (burnside and genesis). There was technically only 1 red/blue BA Model 10 released by Gen-Yo, but I swapped halves.
Now there’s 2 :wink:

And I created the one of a kind red/clear Model 10.

News of this yoyo is new to me. But that color-wow, I really like.


Ill kill for a b/a. If you ever want to sell, you know who to pm! :wink:

Model 10. Winning.

Just got mine today.

WOW. super floaty, but still having great stability. It has been getting the most play time out of all of my throws today, and I think I like it more than my avalanche now :o , which was my top favorite. This one is definitely going to be a keeper for a long time, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes floaty, fast & fun! :slight_smile: Wonderful size/shape too!

Aman Model 10

compared to g2 albatross and 3yo3 al5

Those Aman colourways… man… way up there with Jason Wong’s Silver Skittles for me!

Aman does some amazing work. He definitely puts love into every single piece. The guy is just a straight up artist/entrepreneur. I love my Purple Mountain Majesty.

If you’re into his work you should check out his Facebook,

Wish I had one of those Aman Model 10’s. :frowning: It’s otay though, my Red/Black looks pretty clutch. I will be keeping an eye open on the BST for G-Yo’s, so you guys better act quick if you see one, or else it will be mine.

Now we are just missing 3 more. Who has the other 3?

I would get one, If it was 20 bucks or less :).

I got a ba blue/silver. I had an unengraved red/black, but traded for a klr(1of 1 aman splash) and hatrick. Those aman m10’s are beautiful!

I snagged a few, one off the BST, the other was a wonderful gift ;D:
model102 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
model102b by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
model10red by The TotalArtist, on Flickr
model10redb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


I missed the drop of Aman M10’s by about 4 hours. Really mad I missed it. A couple weeks ago I saw Gen-yo Tweet it out that they dropped a , checked, already sold out. :confused:


your Clear/Black looks fantastic


Yeah, I honestly like it more than the aman. Although, the purple on my majesty is very interesting, and I wish he would have done purple m10’s.

The model 10s ano is soo smooth that it almost feels slipperyy. Anyone feel this way?

You mean… buttery?