Model 10. A Reviewative Comparison, Comparitive Review. *Warning: No TLDR* lol

A lot of this is speculation, I do not claim to know things as facts, such as me stating my belief that the Majesty was designed for 7075… for all I know it could have been designed for 6061… I just go off how I’ve interpreted information as I’ve read it, I haven’t felt the need to verify this information. However, if something in here is not factual please let me know so I can change it… I would rather you tell me in a way that isn’t rude also. This isn’t your typical “review” with specs and pics either.

I was going to post this in the other Model 10 thread, but it got so long and different I figured I would make my own thread.

So… I’m trying to scrounge up enough money to buy ANOTHER one of these things when they drop for retail. I’d like to be able to snag one off of YYE, to give some support to Andre. The money part isn’t the problem though. It’s a matter of snagging one before they all sell out. I get very nervous when General Yo drop dates come around. If they do not sell out in minutes like the Majesty, I will be astounded.

Model 10 is once again another great yoyo. I’m really glad that ‘The General’ gave us this shape, it’s very modern but very effective. And as General Yo’s 10th release, you can tell Mr. Kaiser means business. I don’t know why, but I associate this thing as some kind of top secret Jet being rolled out of a Hanger… ready to RIIIIP. This thing doesn’t mess around. I think General Yo is gearing up to become a Monster in the competition field. For those sleeping on the brand right now, you are in for a sudden awakening.

Okay, I know everyone is sick of comparing this to the majesty, but I think it’s important we address some key points. The Model 10 and the Majesty could be brothers as far as I’m concerned. If you compare them closely, you can see their similarities which are hidden amongst differences.

If you take both the Model 10 and Majesty in hand, and compare them you will notice something I find to be intriguing. Where an angle is rounded on the Majesty, it will be more defined on the Model 10. The angles on the catch zone are rounded on the Majesty, on the Model 10 they’re more ‘cut’. The outer edge of the rim is squared off and a tad bit thicker compared to the Majesty, which I think is a tweak to the weight distribution formula ever so slightly, which Mr. Kaiser has been perfecting throughout every release it seems. The bulk of the rim weight remains very close to that of the Majesty, and I AM NOT COMPLAININ! Lastly, we’ll notice that the spike of the Majesty is sharp(er), where the Model 10 has become dull. I actually like this change, as it makes it quite easy to do some Matador like tricks… which to be honest I’ve never even tried until I got this yoyo… and either they are super easy or the Model 10 is perfect for them :smiley:

This yoyo makes me want to do all kinds of grinds. You can really control this thing, partly due to the amazing shape. The shape really gives you tons of control for grinds. The other part is due to the ano job. The ano on this thing feels very superior to all ano’s I’ve felt. We all know how wicked General Yo’s ano’s and blasts are… but this one feels superior to even those. I don’t know how to explain it… Granted, I haven’t dinged it or scratched it to know how tough it is, but it feels very durable and almost “thick”. I think this might be why the bearings are tight, because the ano came out a tad bit thicker?? Idk, idc, I love just touching it… or even better palm grinds… mmmmm <3

Kind of back to the Majesty…

If you have both a 7075 and a 6061 you will instantly notice the differences amongst those two. The 6061 Majesty is a lot like the Model 10. I would say the Model 10 trumps the 6061 Majesty however. The Model 10 feels lighter, even though it’s heavier, and in my opinion can out play the 6061 Majesty. Spin times always vary and I’m never much of a stickler for that, granted some yoyo’s have god awful spin time… but I don’t think any of us are concerned about General Yo lacking in that department, lol seriously. But pound for pound, I would pick the Model 10 over the 6061 Majesty… mainly due to the tweaks to the shape. This is also coming from a guy who tries to explain to people how amazing the 6061 Majesty is, but it’s hard for a lot of people to try those cuz there’s only 23. But nevertheless, the Model 10 is here… and it’s better :wink:

Now a lot of controversy comes with the amazingness of the 7075 Majesty. A lot of people cannot get past it. The Majesty feels extremely comfortable in your hand, perfect weight and specs. It’s nearly a perfect yoyo. I say nearly because Mr. Kaiser keeps rolling out more models that blow my mind. It seems to be clearly designed for 7075 aluminum. It’s one of the most forgiving yoyo’s I’ve ever played, which I think is why it’s so magical to most people. It won’t be knocked off kilter very easily with a couple of sloppy maneuvers or what have you. But there’s one important, competitive, thing that is being overlooked. Speed.

The Model 10 has speed, and it will RIP through your combos and tear them to pieces. As an example you can literally do the most obnoxious, huge, extremely fast pinwheel and this thing will handle it, where most other yoyo’s will instantly die from the sheer speed alone.

Compared to the Model 10, the 7075 is kind of sluggish. Sure it’s magically stable, but it doesn’t have as much of a competition factor that the Model 10 has… for the very reason of speed. Not to mention the shape, which if you think realistically… helps improve less friction of the string on the catch zone. It’s very nimble and honestly doesn’t die very easy if you have a good technique. No, it’s not as forgiving as the 7075Maj, but if you have skill… you will probably be competing with a Model 10 over a 7075 Majesty.

Sorry if any of this was redundant. I was always terrible at writing essays as I cannot organize my thoughts well lol. At the very least, I hope it helps you guys pull the trigger on this fantastic yoyo.

With all due respect Mr. Kaiser, let’s not make another Model until Summer, okay? For my Wallet’s sake.

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Well, i know what ill be looking for on a BST haha!

I think the model 10 has grown to be my favorite throw out of all of my throws. It’s so fast and light but, for a guy that doesn’t like light yoyos, like me, you will still like it, and here’s why. It is light, but the weight is so well balanced that its heavy enough, that you know it won’t fall over from not being stable. Stable is one word that describes this yoyo. The way that its big enough to fit perfectly in your hand, but small enough to land all of your tricks without it landing on all of the strings, is amazing. I think this is one of the yoyos that everyone will like, no matter what kind of style of yoyo they prefer, like the Chief. I have several chiefs, and I love them. But there is something about the model 10 that is just different, in the best way! It’s probably the most freestyle approved yoyo I have ever touched. Now don’t let me get started on how smooth it is. It’s so smooth right out of the box, that you won’t have to worry about changing out the stock bearing or anything, everything was so well done with this yoyo, it’s just not fathomable. The model 10 is only $120.00! Any yoyo you try to get thats this good, should be around, $150+.
It’s just amazing that like the General Yo Majesty, there is another well done yoyo for a great price! If you like great yoyos, or even yoyos at all, I think you should email General Yo, and beg them to sell you one. It’s a great yoyo, that’s definitely worth the price!

The M10 is an amazing throw- super floaty, stable, spins forever, and grinds like a champ. I’m really happy I was able to pick one up. Would definitely recommend you at least check one out if you’re going to Cal States this weekend.

Love mine! Which I am sure everyone knows by now haha. For my thoughts you can see my review a little ways down. I have not thrown in about a year. But I broke my hiatus and I am sure glad I did. Now I have another Model 10 on the way and a Magnum :D.

Oh gawd. I want this and a Majesty so bad right now.

All your review did was make me want both of them more. A lot more.
Thanks for making me lose sleep.

Lol jk, great review.

I want it so bad… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes to all.

I’m not sure how many of these are going to be available at retail… but I’m not even going to be selfish about this one, I hope there’s enough for everyone.

I would like to see the Majesty become more of a Gen-Yo rarity, as the Model 10 is more competition oriented in my opinion. So therefore, I would like to see a lot more Model 10s go around. And again, that’s not to be selfish. To be selfish would be to say make Model 10 as rare as possible. Lol. I think Majesty is more deserving of that spot, as it should be.

On the other hand, I think a Titanium Majesty would become the ‘Most Wanted YoYo of The Year’. And I’m crossing my fingers we get to see one.

Lawlz. You are not helping my chances of getting a Majesty. I cannot find one for the life of me. I would absolutely love to see Ernie do something in Titanium. If he worked with the mythical magnesium. I am sure he can do titanium. Gosh. Now I won’t be able to stop hoping…

Ya I’m hoping my Purple Mountain Majesty will be worth a load in the future ;D

The Model 10 is a work of art. It spins so smooth I don’t know how a yoyo could be smoother. It’s floaty and looks awesome. I would have no hesitation in recommending this awesome throw. This one is a keeper!. Thanks GENERAL-YO!.

Me too.

But ernie is planning a run this summer, so we cool

Oh good.