Model 10 By General Yo

Okay lets get started! Pictures will be posted below the review, so you can drool over them. The review will be broken down into numerous sections. Enjoy!


I bought the Model 10 Black/Red Combo and I have been playing with it for a few days now. I wanted to give it atleast 2-3 days to get a better overall impression. I have almost all the models of the General Yo brand, and over the last few months I have been strictly collecting them. This brand is not the biggest, but has amazing customer support, and I feel that they (we) have the most loyal fan base.

On the throw.

The sleep times are just like every other modern throw. I can get a nice 2 minute combo without blinking an eye. The stock GenYO bearing is fantastic, comes slightly lubed, and just as great as any other throw. I am a centering bearing fan, and out of EVERY general yo I have, I keep the stock bearing in.


AMAZING. The finish was the first thing that stood out for me. It is just a masterpiece. I do remember Ernie saying in a post that the blast came out a little thick, but it was a great mistake. The finish just glides on the palm, with little friction. The thumb grind can go a couple rotations without evening having to think about it. I do not grind often, but every Gen Yo I pick up new, I instantly do a palm grind just to feel the smoothness.


I feel that the “floatiness” is what makes it a true competitor. It was a light feeling, but it does not make it lack the stability at the same time. The speed that this throw can handle is far superior then my skill. I am not the best out there, but I can hold my own in some tricks. It can go faster than my puffin, and it is more stable than my avalanche.


Okay now what everyone is waiting for, the comparisons. I for one will make this brief, because it is all opinionated.

Model 10 VS Majesty.

I prefer the 10. Okay you do not have to read anymore if you wish. The Model 10 has a feeling in your hand to give you better control, without lacking any other attributions. My favorite throw before getting this delivered was a majesty. I have a PPM, and regrettably sold a 7075. The Model 10 feels like it has more going for it than both the 7075 and the 6061. It can handle anything you throw at it, and that includes matador.


I do play around with all of my throws, getting the best set up for my taste. I stated before that I leave my genyo throws stock, because Ernie makes them the best they can be “before” they leave his shop. The stock bearings are the best, and the pads feel perfect when binding.


If you sat through this hold review and did now e-mail Ernie begging him for you to buy one, then you might be crazy. I feel that this throw will be the next one everyone is talking about. The Model 10 is the next step above everything else. It is stable like center weighted throws, and floaty like the rim weighty throws. It is the best of both worlds, in a very great price point. Good luck grabing one when they release, because I know for sure you will be getting one after me. I can’t wait for the release of it, and I am reviewing the pre-release version!

Thanks Ernie, and I cannot wait for your next project, because I know for sure that you always take your next yoyo design to the next step!

Agreed. Loved my black red so much I bought BA, that should have cam today.But hopefully tomorrow

Great review. This statement has me sold.

Does anyone know if these will be coming to yye soon?

when i tried to order a BA one he said sorry we packed them up, they will be heading to stores. So hopefully soon. :smiley:

i got a new clyw canvas and clyw cliff and i haven’t even opened them cuz i can’t put down my model 10. ;D

I agree with Benbod,

I just got the Model 10 and it is fantastic. I regularly throw a cliff and arctic circle, and the Model 10 beats them both in my opinion and is definitely going to be a “must have” throw. It is light, quick, stable, and precise. Whether you are throwing fast or slow, the M 10 stays under control and is SMOOTH!

Congrats Ernie, I think this is your best yoyo yet.


I’ll put up some pics tonight:)

Also I will put up some pics of my engraved version when it gets here.

In my post earlier I meant to say I like play of the Model 10 better than my Chief or Arctic Circle. All three are great, but the model 10 is just the perfect size, weight, and stability in my opinion.

Here is a quick pic I took last night. Sorry for the poor lighting.


Whered you get that ?? So pretty

I recently picked myself up an M10….and it’s truly bad ass!

It’s a bit of a departure from Ernie’s more organic shapes…but I’ll be damned if it does not exude everything a Generl Yo is known for! I still am in love with the Majesty…the pinnacle of Ernie’s work to date IMHO. But the M10 follows the current trend of more angular designs and just flat out kills!

It’s more floaty than the Majesty…and just as smooth….and that means DEAD SMOOTH. Both the Majesty and M10 are really about the best of what is currently out there. You could not go wrong with either!

Pick up an M10 if you can…you won’t regret it. The General has KILLED IT once again!


Got my M10 today and must say it is sweet. The finish is unbelievable and the thing glides through my tricks like a leaf in the wind. I haven’t bought a throw in a while and I’m glad I decided to pull the trigger on this one. GET AN M10 the level of wantyness is sky high and like most Gen-Yos one run is all we get

I got lucky and got my m10 from Ernie himself. You can look at their Facebook page to see where the m10s dropped this week. I believe some stores still have them in stock.