A rookie reviewer's review: The Model10 by General-Yo

Hey all! My name is Jordan Shen. You guys probably don’t know me because, although I’ve been here for about 2 years, I don’t post a whole lot. Anywho, I was one of the fortunate people to pick the masterpiece from General-Yo at Calstates. Please, please, please excuse me if I sound way to biased, but this yoyo is something to bias over (is this grammatically correct, cause it sounds sketchy to me. You know what I mean anyways). Let’s get this review going! \


Diameter: 56.13mm
Width: 43.74mm
Gap: 4.3mm
Weight: 66 grams


Good: Very Modern, great for freestyle and casual play alike. Matador spikes (duller than other General-yos, which make matador tricks much easier). Brilliant colors, Soft ano. General-Yo’s own AIGR bearing.
Bad: Ummmmm… ?

First thoughts:
Seriously, just the specs made me want to steal my parents car and drive all the way to Ernie to buy one as soon as I saw the pictures and specs. I remember the last time I was at Calstates and the General-Yo stand was completely sold out when I came. For that reason and that reason alone, I rushed my mom to take me ASAP at 7:00 (I live about 2 hours away from Sacramento). I am still quite new to the competitive scene, placing 39th (:P) at the Calstates, which I consider decent, with that yoyo by my side. Right when I saw, it was glorious. The ano is kinda soft, which I consider a +. Why did Ernie say it was a mistake he made the ano so thick? It only makes it better! Oh well. The Model10 seems very well designed. Apparently, knowing the perfectionist Ernie is, it was an obvious step towards freestyle play. If you took a look at it closely, there are some well thought out tiny perks to make play superb. On the first throw, I noticed the yoyo to be slightly lubed, giving the spin a bit of a buttered feel. It was…FLOATY! OMG IT WAS SOOOO FLOATY! I really enjoy floaty yoyos since my style is a bit faster than average. I felt NO vibe at all and was completely and utterly smooth. I performed a long combo, afraid it might stop spinning because of its silentness. No vibe to signal me if it was slowing down either. I was completely baffled to find it snap to my hand as if I had just thrown it a second ago. I could not believe the spin time on this thing.


On a (few) throws:

As if losing memory, everytime I threw this thing, I felt as if I was rediscovering it every throw. It was such a fun yoyo to play and I just couldn’t wait to use this thing for prelims. Unfortunately for me, prelims took 1.5 hours till I performed and placed. Most of the time, I was practicing inline and getting used to the throw. Now, this yoyo is the embodiment of smoothness, and floatiness. With alot of yoyos, I feel that I have to force the yoyo to go faster as my style is quick and slacky. When I use the Model10, its so freaking effortless. It just seems to glide with confidence to where you want it to go. This thing feels super floaty but definitely not unstable. I felt that with all this, it had to sacrifice the fact that it would tilt easily. I was, again, proven wrong. It doesn’t tilt easily, but will tilt if you need it to. The ano makes this thing grind so well. It’s like a hot knife through butter. I just want to grind all day, but, sadly, grinds aren’t in my combos. Since the ano is softer, whenever I thumb/finger grind, I feel like I am scratching off the ano with my nails. Nope. No marks were made somehow.


At $120, owning the best yoyo in my collection, it was well worth it. There’s pretty much nothing I could dislike about it at all! If you have $120 to spend, please please please do yourself a favor and wait for the release on YYE. It’s not going to disappoint. Overall, amazing. Just one of the best (if not the best) yoyo for freestyles and casual. The ultimate yoyo.

Well, this definitely could’ve been better written. Feel free to leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism behind (haters, please go away).

Thanks for reading

Nice review. I liked the detail:P And good job at Cal States. 39th is a lot better than what I am capable of:)

Glad someone else found it as floaty as I did.

How do people not? It’s one of the most floaty throws evar!

WHEW! Thank you so much! The was my first review and I felt like I was super unprofessional. I thought it was waayyyy too repetitive! Thanks for the feedback and thank you for praising my placement.

I tried it today, and it had too much hang time. At first I was like “woah get back here” then “get on with it”. I kind of slowed me down because I have a pop heavy style.

Would it be a good trade for an AC?