What's the smoothest yoyo u ever owned?


? 7075 chief ;D


Model 10. And trust me, I’ve owned enough smooth yoyos.


I posted a thread like this, like most people just said general yo, a lot said the M10, and 1 or 2 said c3 darksonic


hspin tigorylla


TP MaxBet




Model 10!!!


Oxygene 9.06. Smoother than any General Yo I’ve owned…and General Yo is definitely smooth.


Madhouse 5150… No vibe whatsoever… Gen yo might be the same but I’ve Never tried one :smiley:

(Jei Cheetah) #10

ANy Free Rider.
By far.

(SR) #11

Any General Yo.

They’re all about the same, but the Model 10 sticks out to me as being the smoothest.


Majesty and code1


Why is general yo so smooth?

(G2 Jake) #14



Because Ernie is super duper picky with their A Grades. I mean, he gave me a B Grade, with it being B Grade because there was too much splash :wink:


I’ve owned a 7075 Chief, Regular Chief, Sleipnir, Puffin, Genesis, Catalyst, Classic, T5, Yelets, Dv888, DMII, Attune, Stargeyser, DreadnoughtG, and SPYY Pro.

The SPYY Pro is by far the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown.


Patrick Condon’s cookie yoyo is definitely one of the smoothest throws I’ve played. Josh’s modded Butterfly with the Chinese metal bowl rims is a close second.


The Werrd Hour I guess.

It’s 7075 and big.

I like it.



When the bearing is lubed I can’t hear it or feel it on the end of the string. It’s very strange.

(2Sick Joey) #20

I’ve had so many dead smooth its too hard to even pick a smoothest. A few pop in my mind but I’ve had way too many throws to just pic one: Code1, Hatrick, Majesty, Gambit, Wrath, Pride, Triton, Overdrive, Punchline, and a ton of others I can’t think of.