Who/what is the "smoothest?"

I’ve had this question for a while.

WHO (what brand) or WHAT (a yoyo) makes the “smoothest” products?

People have different opinions of who it is. Stick 100 yoyoers in a room and I can guarantee that a few groups will lean toward the same brand, while others tell you who their smoothest yoyo came from.
And then we have places like the B/S/T/ where everyone claims that one of their yoyos are “dead smooth” or just “smooth.”
Personally, as long as the vibe isn’t too awful, I’ll love it. And then there are people who wont throw anything but the smoothest.

The smoothest yoyo I have ever owned(it was only during one day), was my slightly marked Dream Yo Lion, before heavy 3a(but it’s still pretty dang smooth). Since then, I haven’t played with anything that was ever that smooth. Does it still count even when the smoothness lasted only 4 hours?
But I wouldn’t say that Dream Yo is the “smoothest ever.” A few of their products aren’t quite “vibeless.”
No, I haven’t, but someday, I will give that title to some other brand.

So, who or what is your “smoothest” pick?

Hands doen, 3yo3 makes some of the smoothest metals AND plastics out there.

It all depends on the individual yoyo, and if it is tuned or not. I’ve had yoyos from all over, from yyj to yyf, OD to clyw, all that were dead smooth. I’d say OD has some of the smoothest stock yoyo, but they likely aren’t the smoothest. IMO, any yoyo can be smooth.

Cheaper yoyos will vibe more and more over time. If you want a well made yoyo that wont develop vibe, try a one drop

I have an oxy-esque 888x that amazes me, and a wooly marmot that is a very close second. IMO the smoothness scale is zero to oxy, with random lucky yoyos thrown in at that level. in terms of company, I’d go oxy, 1drop, YYF, followed with a small step down in recent clyw’s. I have never tried a 3yo3, though. anybody got an accent for trade? ::slight_smile:

The Ti-Phiter I threw at Madfest 2011 was the smoothest yoyo I have ever played. Hands down. I have played Oxy and I say this. Heck, even some YYF I have played is up there in smoothness, but that can’t compare the Kyo throw. My Code 1 is the smoothest throw next to that.

I am surprised to see that many people aren’t raving about Generalyo here. They are talked about having uber-smooth yoyos.

I just got my accent. SO SMOOTH.

My current smoothest yoyo is a dreadnought that you can’t feel on the string at all.

I’ve also had a battosai that was so smooth and quiet you couldn’t even tell it was spinning. And a B grade Torrent II that was dead on the string until i dinged it a couple of times. “General-Yo smooth” is an actual thing. You gotta try one to believe it.

I would say C3
I’ve never thrown any stock C3 metal yoyo that is not absolutely dead smooth…

My 6th release Chief is the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown, and that includes most clyw’s, one drops, and vs. newton’s including the skywalker. You simply cannot tell it is on the string.

I own 2 yoyos that I consider dead smooth.
One drop burnside and the g squared albatross.

Man others are smooth but those 2 have a different smoothness lol

My od 54 was the smoothest yoyo I ever played. My b grade torrent 2 comes in a close second though.

CLYW Gnarwhal and the OD Code 1 are pretty dang smooth.

My Supernova, Winston Rockstar and Code 2 are all dead smooth on the string. They all have a certain vibe during grinds though. I’ve only had 1 yo-yo that was dead smooth both on string and during vibe. That was my Nova. Until I unscrewed it and it could never achieved the same smoothness again. I’ve also had high-end yo-yos that have a slight vibe that doesn’t bother me much. These include my Chief, Pro and Hatrick.


chico yoyo company has by far the smoothest yoyos i have every played with and they are fun too!

Agreed,smooth like butter! I keep sneaking back to my Av. Must admit, my C3H5 is pretty darn smooth as well.

Oxygene?!?! duh. there is a reason for the saying “oxy smooth”

The smoothest Yo-Yo I have EVER used is… YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2, WITH the stacks in, Without the stacks… STILL SMOOTH AS butter

I think one thing that should be noted is that One Drop manufactures the Cheifs, General Yos and many other yo-yos out there. The Hazmat by Toxic, the Anti-Yo YWet, and others. One Drop has some of the most precise yoyo manufacturing capabilities out there and produce amazing products for themselves and other companies. I have not found a One Drop or other company that used One Drop to cut the yoyo, that I didn’t like and find incredibly smooth. With that being said I thought YoYoFactory’s Genesis was an amazingly smooth yoyo. For a cheap plastic, I really like the Asteroid by Adegle. Magic T-5 is a pretty smooth cheap yoyo too.