smoooootthhhh yoyos


Im probably not going to consider buying one of these yoyos, but what is like the smoothest yoyo out there? I know there isn’t a #1 smoothest yoyo, but what do you think is the smoothest?

(SR) #2

Actually, General Yo is considered by many to make the smoothest yoyos in the world. I would agree, I have yet to try something smoother than a General Yo. They’re incredible.


C3 yoyos are really smooth aspecially the darksonic, to add even there first plastic the alpha crash is pretty smooth.


Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever played would have to be my Gen Yo M10. If it wasn’t for the gentle hum of the bearing, I’d find it hard to tell if it was still spinning.



The smoothest yoyo I’ve thrown is the OD Yelets.
Smooth as buttaaaaaaa!!!


90% of yoyos i’ve ever played have been dead smooth. It’s a pretty useless criteria to worry about. Any new yoyo you buy with noticeable vibe is defective imo.


Watch out, though. One guy’s “dead smooth” is the next guy’s “vibes on grinds”. Tolerance for vibe varies among players.


In general, the smoothest yoyos I’ve played are usually rounded, organic type shapes. Such as General Yo Hatrick, 3yo3 Bassline, CLYW Canvas, YYF 888, etc…

The same level of vibe will be more noticeable in a low-walled, angular shaped yoyo than a rounded one. Hence, why YYR is not known for smooth (though they are relatively smooth, I’ve never had a “dead smooth” YYR).

In fact, go for a round shape with beadblasted surface, and not angular shapes with polished surfaces, if smooooootthhhh is what you are after.


You could buy my 08 888. LOL


I’ve got a lot of yoyos. I’ve also tried a lot of yoyos. I guess I’m not OCD when it come to a yoyo having a bit of vibe. As long as the vibration doesn’t affect play, I don’t really care. My BvMr2 has a touch of vibe(barely any), so little that I barely notice it doing the “Fingernail test”.

Now, having said that, I find a lot of yoyos to be smooth. Smoothest is a term of relative perception combined with what you have and what you “measure”. The typical measurement is the fingernail test. You can also tune some or most vibe out through effort and trial and error.

I’m not gonna make my decision for purchase based on “smoothness”. What I want is good performance and general enjoyment. If a touch of vibe is there, then so be it. I will admit my tolerance for vibe plummets as the price goes up though, and I do have higher standards for anything over $100. I know what this stuff costs per unit(roughly) to make, so I have to have a tangible justification for the price being what it is, Even factoring Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 mark-ups to ensure the companies involved in the process are making money.

In the end, when I spend the money, I either live with my choice(so far so good) or BST it off. If I’m not going to enjoy it, there’s no point in keeping it around. Even though I take my collection out for meets and people can try anything, if I am personally not enjoying it, I don’t want to keep it around.

Back to the inquiry:
Sure, General Yo makes smooth stuff, so does One Drop, CLYW, RecRev, C3 and more. Even the low-cost metals are super smooth.


There’s a certain point at which there’s no more “smoothest”. There’s a finite limit: once you have a yoyo that’s glass smooth, the next yoyo that’s glass smooth isn’t be “more” smooth than that.

As such, there are tonnes of great smooth yoyos!

(as an aside, my favourite yoyo is a Punch Line that got some vibe from who knows where… being banged around I guess… but point being that it’s still my favourite, even over my super-smooth Code 2, Wrath, and other SPYY yoyos)


So far the smoothest yoyo I’ve thrown was a nostalgia by s.kon. Couldn’t even tell it was spinning at the end of the string


I sort of agree with SR. General Yo makes yoyos so smooth, if it weren’t for the noise, you wouldn’t know anything is there. My ministar is probably the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever thrown, discounting a Hatrick that I tried that was beat half to death.