What is the most dead smooth yoyo of all time?


We are talking you cant even tell its spinning dead smooth yoyo. What do you think? my vote goes to the OD cascade with a trifecta bearing.


My old Majesty v2 pre pro Joey (YoMagic) should be able to vouch for this. Heard the Gambit it mega smooth too. My Cliff is also super smooth.


I still have a strong opinion that the Oxy 4 with the axle system properly set will always be the smoothest yoyo. Honestly, I haven’t played very many newer throws, but straight up, I seriously doubt they compare.

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There’s no such thing.

At some point, no yoyo is any smoother than another, they are just smooth. It’s like trying to compare what water is wetter.


If their is such a thing, it would be a yoyo made by gods themselves.


Cold Fusion


The nostalgia plain and simple


Huh… I’ve seen like 5 of these threads…

My broken yomega xodus 2 probably, when I throw it, I dont even know it’s spinning!


I doubt a Yomega plastic would be smooth. AT ALL.

All yomega jos I bought have vibe out of the box.


I have thrown a ton of yoyos in the last decade and a half. In my MachineShop, I have digital equipment to identify both: runout and concentricity to within one ten thousanths of an inch.

I have developed a fine sense for identifying ‘smoothness’ in a yoyo, simply from fiddling with them for so friggin long.

I have some smooooooooth yoyos, no doubt. When ya have a 1000 yoyos, there is a reasonable possibility that you might end up with a few ‘dead smooth yoyos’.

(Realize that ‘the bearing’ can be a critical factor in assessing the final smoothness of a yoyo)

With that being said, I have no reservation saying without a doubt, that (agreeing with Joe) the Nostalgia is the smoothest yoyo ever made… Ever.

Shinobu, the greatest Yoyo modder in the History of Life on Earth, came up with the most amazing yoyo ever made.

Basically a miniature Wire Wheel(simple form description), the Nostalgia has fully adjustable spokes. Allowing the yoyo to be ‘Trued’ to absolute ‘Exactness’.  This type of fine adjustment is not available in any other existing yoyo.

A tuned Nostalgia exhibits absolutely zero vibe. No fingernail chatter, No string shake, no nothin.

It is a Masterpiece of Craftsmanship.  … Bit then again, for 5,000 bucks, I would expect nothing less(:wink:



probably a candy blasted ilyy… seriously silent, and you really cant tell its moving at all


A few yoyos reach a point where there’s literally no vibe whatsoever so one can’t be smoother than another. I’ve only played one throw like this and it’sthe madhouse 5150, but I havent played a gen yo yet :smiley:


Oops, accidental thank you.


I’ll take it, a thank you is a thank you :smiley:

… You’re welcome ;D


I don’t know if your responding to his wit with cleverly disguised sarcasm, or… Undesirable comprehensive abilities…

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I say probably M10, or Summit. Any general yo or one drop pretty much…


This. You can’t get more smooth than dead smooth.


I was being sarcastic…


Summit, and model 10 come to mind with smoooth


What’s sarcasm? … <<…>>…<_<…


No, but seriously. Do you guys know what’s better then a dead smooth yo-yo? A dead smooth yo-yo with a completely silent bearing. That’s why I enjoy my lio so much. Plus the candy blasted solid colors makes it so that you can’t even visually tell that the yo-yo is spinning.