Price,size you know this kinds of thing doesn’t matter


Im pretty sure that this depends on how you throw some people may throw a yoyo and it be smooth as butter and others will throw the same one and it be riddled with vibe


Any S.kon but more specifically things like the ladybug, nostalgia, or vektor


I’ve had more than one yoyo with what I would consider to be no vibe. Just a dead string with a yoyo spinning at the end of it. The two that come to mind are my Chief and Spyy El Ranchero, but there were others.


Don’t know, don’t care.

There’s tons of amazing stuff. If we’re gonna obsess about vibe, we’ll never get anything done. As long as vibe doesn’t affect play, I don’t care.

Having said that, darn near any OD, CLYW, VsNYYC and GeneralYo has been very smooth for me. Phenom is very smooth, a personal favorite.


YYRs are frighteningly smooth. Heck, at that price point, they’d better be!



The smoothest throw I’ve ever owned was a C3 Beserker. Period. Trading that yoyo was one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my extensive trading experience. I don’t know how they did it (especially with the weight rings) but that things was flawlessly smooth.
Second would be my 2012 Genesis.


Smoothest yoyo I’ve ever had is my Cascade.


A grade general yos are incredibly smooth.
But I’d say hands down the smoothest thing I’ve ever thrown was an ilyy josy ann. I’ve had some pretty smooth yoyos before, but that was the only one that literally didn’t look like it was spinning when I threw it.


YoyoSpirit stripped and then mirror polished a Battosai. That is not only the smoothest yoyo I have, but the shiniest as well. Oh, and it plays super sweet as well.




Agreed. Any Oxy.


Size matters. IMO, smoothness doesn’t matter. lol.


^ Adding to this, I kind of prefer when a yoyo has a little vibe. If it’s just totally smooth, it feels raw and floaty, like there is nowhere to expand.

But as far as smooth throws go, and yoyorecreation/skeel

(Alex Fairhurst) #15

I’ve had many smooth yoyos but the one that really stuck out to me was my Battosai. It’s long gone but it was completely silent with a lubed 10-ball and you couldn’t feel it spinning at all. It was a solid color so I couldn’t even tell it was spinning.

Also most YYR start out incredibly smooth but I would be wary of unscrewing them due to the disclaimer.


not for me!


well it is all preference i guess. IMO, the smoothest throw is the punchline. got one up for trade right now OG, first run, ultra rare, near mint, should check it out guys!


The smoothest yoyo I have ever played was the SPYY addiction


My One Drop Burnside is the smoothest throw I’ve ever played, although I honestly don’t care about a little vibe, you don’t even feel it most of the time.


My smoothest throw is my CLYW Canvas. But I think with the right shape, any yoyo can be made ultra smooth with a OD tenball bearing.