I have joined the general yo ranks!

Recieved my model10 today and I must say it is quite incredible. Definitely plan to pick more up as time goes by. Linked a picture of the new gem of my collection!


That is a fine throw you have there. Before the Prestige came out the Model 10 was my all time favorite throw. I still really like it and I’m glad to hear there are more people experiencing such an awesome throw.

A generalyo will most likely be my next buy

I have 4 high end metals. One is a FG Chief. The other 3 are a BA Majesty, Model 10, and B-Grade KLR. Still trying hard to find an A-grade blasted KLR but no luck yet. There’s one on eBay, but the price is through the roof since it’s not engraved. Maybe it’s just me, but no engraving on a yoyo that is usually engraved doesn’t look as good to me. Just goes to show you how collectable General Yo throws are, not to mention how well they perform.

The M10 is actually one of my favorite throws… How would you say it plays compared to the Prestige? I’ve been thinking about picking one up eventually.

I know they are hard to come by, but I got plenty of time and money talks so always helps


Posting an updated collection picture I’m obsessed now