General Yo choices...

I’m thiking about a new throw, and I’m deciding between the M10 and Prestige. What is the general feel of both? Which one is better for certain playstyles and tricks? Thanks in advance.

Yeah, ill put it this way, I have had one M10… And i have had 4 prestiges… Totally different throws…

I’ve had 2 M10’s and own 3 Prestiges.

The M10 is only good if you have a quiet flat bearing IMO and like floaty yo-yos (it doesn’t seem to spin very long or be all that stable, surprisingly).

Prestige is great. Look at my favorite yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in the minority in that I didn’t like the prestige, it just felt and looked weird to me. So out of those two I would say M10, but if you can find an amplitude that is a phenomenal yoyo. Also KLR is my all time favorite throw so if you could find one on the bst you could get one for pretty cheap.