Last throw for a while

I’m wondering which throw to get, this might be my last for a while, i want something that is versatile and plays really well.

Having only played the BvM2 of your two choices, get a Prestige.


what do you recommend then

Something by YYR of course. :wink:

I would say the opposite: either. I really enjoyed the BvM2 when I played it, and I have a Prestige. I hardly think you could go wrong with either of them.

Apart from that, my recommendation, is that if you already have some yoyos, get one that’s totally unique. Have almost all fullsized competition throws? Get something over- or under-sized that’s not necessarily aimed squarely at the stage.

Prestige is reeeeally good.


If you’re not going to be getting anything for a while, then your choice is really critical.

What I’d like to know is:
How did you come to those choices?

Have you played either of them?

Then, what are your preferences? Are there things you really want?

I have both. I can’t play my Prestige get because it’s missing an axle(long story, not for here, not my fault). Then again, I don’t care if you’re spending $10 or $289 on a new yoyo, whatever you got, you gotta live with so you better enjoy it. I find price to be irrelevant from the point of view of “If you buy it and you don’t like it, well, then it was money wasted”. It doesn’t matter how “great” a yoyo is if you don’t like it.

i came to these choices because i’d heard they were excellent competition throws, and i’ve been wanting a really long spinning, versatile competition throw. i haven’t played either of them. i have a summit, and i love everything about it except it tilts a little too much for my tastes.
Overall, i just want a good competition throw that spins very long, doesn’t tilt very easily, and isn’t too floaty or hefty.

C3 Krown. :wink:

Electric Flash is also good, I assume, and prices really well.

I find if I’m having problems with a yoyo tilting, it’s ME, not the yoyo.

Why not add the following to your quest:
Chief, AC, Electric Flash, Code2, Chik, Format:C, Rockefeller, Royale, Quake, Triton, Eighty-Six 400(A touch heavy though but feels great), H3X, Diamondback, Next Level, 2013 SuperStar, “@”, OG Octave, so many fantastic competition grade throws.

Most unresponsive yoyos are going to be long spinning, stable and smooth. Versatile is a matter of preferences. Tilt issues I’ve found to be a “player problem”. If you’re having tilt issues, learn why you’re having those issues, then strive to correct those. Some yoyos may tilt easier than others, but really, my experiences tell me it’s a player issue so you gotta step up your game.

Summit IS a bit more prone to tilt than some competition throws, but it’s not exactly tilty. I’m with Studio on this one. Sure, you can get a yoyo that will compensate more and tilt less, but don’t you want to work on your technique instead? Not saying “don’t buy a yoyo,” just saying, “get one that seems fun; don’t worry about a competition powerhouse, get one that simply appeals to you.”

i’ve looked at these, actually. they seem cool, but they just don’t seem to fit my preferences as much as the prestige and BvM2. Thank you for the advice on the tilt issues though, i’ll try to fix that :slight_smile: i’ve been looking at tons of throws for a while, and, just for me, these seem to fit my preferences best.

Gotta say that the irony jp 2k13 is something definately worth considering if you want an amazing throw