What throw would you select for a competition ?

If you had to compete tomorrow (Lets say the competition is in your level, no matter what level are you)
What would you choose to compete with, out of your collection ?

Or, in other words, what is your best performing throw ?

I definitely would choose my Genesis, it’s stable, spin as long as I want and can handle everything with ease.

So, what would you choose ?

COnfection, Chaser, or code 1.

FIESTA XX for 4a.

Probably my SPYY Pro. Although, I would be tempted to try using the Stampede.

chief or code1

Decapod, Chief, YWET, or Sasquatch

I’d use my Dietz with heavier SE’s, like code one side effects

Chief or avalanche for sure!!!


Phenom. Only speed* matters.

*and everything else good about the Phenom


Something I rarely use that I should start playing with

2010 G5. Quick, stable, and good spin time. Without stacks.

So many people here have the chief, a fine yoyo indeed.

Not that I own one, but I have try one.

For me, my prototype Angkasa, with Genesis as my spare throws.

either foxlandprecision thunderwasp,foxlandprecision minotaur,or foxlandprecision honey badger (prototype)

can you tell i like foxlandprecision?

undecided - My YYJ HM, DM 2 or HSPIN Lily.
They all feel comfortable.

My gleipnir any day.

1a - super G, Supernova, protostar, or severe… cant pick
2a - firedogs… its about all i can get to work
3a - protostars
4a - go big
5a - supernova

Irony gba

Sliepnir as main throw. Followed by my Stalker and Mangaroo

In another contest for really technical stuff,
Messiah, Lion, and Di Base.

If I want to perform, the DreadG. If I want to win, the Overdrive.

Well since ive been practicing with Catalyst that what i would say. CATALYST!