Competition throws?


What are the most popular throws for competition these days?


So many people with summits


This is a good question actually. I’m starting to wonder. Is the summit really used a lot in competitions or is it just a fad?


everyone has one. Dont know if they use it.

I hate it.


I don’t have a Summit. I played one and liked it a lot. But, I don’t like the collab thing. I know it makes no sense. It needed to be either just One Drop or just CLYW. So, this is one I won’t be purchasing, either new or used. If one magically lands in my mailbox, that’s another issue.

I’ve honestly seen stuff from upgraded Classics to Anglams used at competition. I can’t say there’s a “most”. I will say I do see a lot of metal YYF’s and YYJ’s being used in competitions, and of course more CLYW"s and One Drops as well. Duncans are also growing in the competition scene as their new metal stuff is really fantastic.


For the most part, it seems like a lot of people lean towards pretty much any fullsized YYFs, some of the popular ones being the HOT, Genesis, and Proton as of recently. You don’t see a lot of people using then in the US, but YYRs are extremely popular in terms of competition.


Being a DS guy, would you consider the Wrath a competition throw?

And to anyone else, is a cascade considered one? Or would one drop people learn towards the CODE2?

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I agree with ColeJ. You’ll see most competitors, especially the younger ones, using the full sized high end YYF metals (Supernova, Genesis, etc). More mature players with more developed styles use the high end CLYW line, the Chief, Ava, Arctic Circle, etc. as the Summit is a rather recent release, its only been used s few times in competition. I imagine that, as well as the BvM2 will be the prime choice for high ranking players. I also see in the future lot of players using the high end plastics that have been releasing over the past couple of months. Although this has already been done before, most notably by Jensen at Worlds 2010, I could easily see it going mainstream.


The whole YYF teams likes the Genesis as a top choice for Competitions.

I feel that any full size yoyo will work for competition…


If I were to use an OD throw in a competition, my first choice would be the Code 1, by far.

Yeah, in Asia, YYR is huge. They’re kinda like CLYW in NA in terms of size and popularity. Everyone either wants one, or has one. I found it extremely funny last year, while I visited a shop in Singapore, everyone was amazed to see my General Yo’s, One Drop’s, and CLYW’s, and I was equally as amazed to see the amount of YYR stuff. Apparently in Asia, the brands I listed are very hard to come by, while YYR is much easier, with them being manufactured in Japan. I still remember meeting Chris Chia back when he was with YYR, and he had two bags with him, both full with what must have been 30 YYR throws apiece. People there were acting like this was an everyday occurrence, while I was sitting there with my jaw on the floor. Then, at AP 2012, the amount of YYR throws being used was unbelievable.

As for YYF stuff, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of the New SuperStar when it releases…


Oh absolutely the wrath is a competition able throw! I was simply pointing out my observations of what most people have at contests. I was throwing wraths at BAC. I don’t know whether I’ll be using the wrath or pride to compete at Nats yet. Most likely the pride though.


I keep seeing people use classics when doing there freestyles.


No matter what throw you use it always helps
to have a competition bearing…


So buy a Terrapin X today, if long spin times are your game!


2013 SCR, I saw Yomega Glides, One Drop Rallies, CLYW Bvs.M 2, Duncan Strix, and ODxCLYW Summits.
I used C3yoyodesign Mo-Vitation for 1a and Berserkers for 5a! Those are jus what i saw there were a ton more brands being thrown.


I think what your used to is probably more important than the yoyo your throwing (well that and skill haha)

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Honestly, its just a fad. Thats what it has come to when I think of ANYTHING from CLYW.
And once upon a time it used to be Yoyofactory. Funny how the yoyo-world works.

People still be throwing Supernovas for contests.

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Yeah. I mean the Chief/Arctic Circle have been favorites of the CLYW team/ERRYONE since they came out, but im thinking (Much like the Wooly Markmont) the fad will fadeeeeee and summits will be more of a novelty/collectible (Good playing ones at that)

And in 2-3 more years when CLYW and OD wanna get major $$$, they’ll collab again.

But on topic, I think the Supernova, Genesis, Chief, Arctic Circle, DiamondBack, Avalanche, Cascade, Burnside, H.O.T, and Rockefeller (Still new, it’ll catch on doe) are GREAT competition throws that have/still will catch on and stay caught on. Like Zammy mentioned, the Supernova is a favorite of competitors and has been since it came out. I’ve noticed that people who used to use the Supernova strictly have caught on to the H.O.T though, and rightly so, that yoyo is a SMOOTH AS BEAST and aslo shreds through combos.


Both. Every time I compete, I decide between those two literally right before I go on stage. I just can’t decide between the two because they both work so well. I prefer my Code 2 playwise, but the Cascade exceeds at competing.


i use the g2 triton and will be using the AL7 triton this weekend at ohio states