What throw would you select for a competition ?

Dietz/Protostar as backup for 1a,
Northstar w/ die for 5a

Me Raptor. ;D

1a: Canvas
2a: Loop 900
5a: Supernova

For sure Burnside

FG Avalanche with MVP as backup

Why would you want a fg for competion?

thats my only CLYW and its my best yoyo. and btw i have no idea why its fg it plays amazing with no vibe

A lot of times it is for anno but I don’t know if that is why it is FG in your case.

Right now it would be my Code 1 or Spyy Pro for 1a.
3a would be my new set of PSG’s
5a Genesis with spintop button.

But if your competing you would want an A grade wouldn’t you? It plays the same but smoother. Btw it makes no sense to have a different yoyo as your spare.

Maybe he only has one. Nothing wrong with B-Grades, some pros like their throws to vibe a bit in competitions, makes it easier to tell when you’re running out of spin.

B-Grades/dings don’t really matter.

i use diffrent yoyos as spares so what? he might has a fg with no vibe plus fg don’t mean it sucks in comp.

I’m just saying that if you could use an A-grade you would right? Pro’s souldn’t need vibe to tell how much spin they have left either.

For the different yoyo as a spare thing, it makes no sense beacause you like the other yoyo more, so why would you purposely use one that you like less instead?

what if you don’t have 2 of the same yoyo?

my sasquatch sfx or superstar very tough

Gnarwhal all the way!!

Hard to choose between my Vs.NYYC Septopus, Rebel Yoyos Macrocosm, or my CLYW Minty mint Chief

between the Chief light version and the peak.
ahhh I’ll prolly go with the peak.

Basically whatever I’ve been using at that time, or like at that time. Right now I would use my Chief, I really like it for me right now. My main throw.

2x mighty flea.

I plan on doing 3a and 5a with those. For 3a, it’s self explanatory. For 5a, one of the mighty fleas will be the counterweight.