competition throws

Hey guys, what are some good mid-oversized competition throws?

code 2 i got one for Christmas and its so smooth and stable not to mention pretty good for horizontal


good thing I have one :wink:

I almost never recommend YYF yoyos because I don’t like Ben, but the Genesis and Supernova are both widely used competition yoyos and many players have great results using them.

If you’d prefer something more unique, I’d like to recommend the CLYW Cliff. I got one about a week ago and I’m very impressed with it’s characteristics. I haven’t had a new yoyo in quite some time, but I have thrown just about every major release of the past 3 years and can say with confidence that my favorites of the whole bunch for competition are the CODE2 and ILYY Fury (although it is very rarely used).

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How can you not like Ben? He’s so nice

On topic… I got a solenoid for Christmas and it is a beast, like major beast, if you have the money for one go for it I love it

Arctic circle
Glacier Express

id name more but these are favorites!

He can be a bit pompous at times. Anyways, Chief is great for any slow to medium paced player.


I think a shorter list would be which modern yoyos aren’t suitable for competition.


I agree. Pretty much all higher end metals released recently could be used for competition. Even some plastics, too.

I would agree. There’s so much good stuff out there these days. With people competing with stuff as “low end” as a WHIP, Classic, PSG and Asteroid, and other time-proven cost-efficient models STILL making the competition circuit, there’s not a whole lot that isn’t suitable for competition.

I agree, most yoyo’s released now are worthy of competition, it’s mostly about style or preference.  YOur best bet is to go to a contest or a club meet, get your hands on as many different throws as you can and try them, then pick a size and shape you like.  Or just buy a Gelada and be ecstatic with how awesome it is :wink:

Shameless Plug :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, just go out there and buy something!  If you’re looking for recommendations, I absolutely love my 2012 ILYY Fury, while my brother has a CLYW Chief which is also phenomenal.  To me, they both feel relatively similar as to weight on the string, just different shapes perhaps.



The code 2 and chief are two amazing choices.

Majesty. Don’t go past this post PM me if you want one. I know a site with 1 left.

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