Favorite throw For Jensen Style Play

Here you can post your favorite throw for jensen stlye play

My personal favorite would be the Protostar

oooooo, I’ve been waiting for a topic like this. For me I would think something easy going and flowy with alot of rim weight. I’d say Chief maybe.

Yeah, I haven’t seen a thread like this one so I decided to start it up.

On your other thread at 8:00 am this morning you said that you “were going to get a protostar”.

Now, at 3:00pm you say it’s your favourite throw for “Jensen Style Tricks” (I’m not really sure what these entail). Have you actually tried one yet? I thought you bought a raptor instead…?

I have had one before. But it cracked. And Yes I did get a raptor instead because I wanted the last purple one. But yes, I have tried one before.

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I haven’t played one but the obvious answer is the Glacier Express or the Wooly Marmot since Jensen’s how performance is one or two throws he uses a lot of regens so mid and high walled yoyos are the best for his flowy style with many regens


It’s got the floatiness, but the amazing spin times necessary for his long combos.

Well I think the most obvious answer is the YYF Northstar. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the marmot or canvas would be the obvious answer. And it would also be my answer.

Man Jensen’s style of play is so epic 8)


I would guess canvas considering the fact that its his signature.

If only I was actually capable of any Jensen-style tricks…

I’d have to say.
Marmot, Markmont, Canvas, Chief, Summit, Avalanche, Nortstar, Protostar.

Also the Lynx and the Peak.
Hmm Acrophobia, uhhh and there’s more but I just can’t think of em yet.

(These are either ones I’ve played, or ones he has used on many occasions"ahem Peak, as its only only one I don’t own ahem")

My personal favorite jensen style yoyo would be the marmot, the thing is just so fun!

I must be the only one that thinks only Jensen knows what yoyo to use for “Jensen Style Play”.

I’m more of a John Wolfe Style Play, myself.

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Canvas, nuff said

I don’t know, maybe Canvas or Northstar. Why not create your own style of play? :wink:

I completely agree, but personally I’m more of a Cameron Henderson style player.