opinions please

yo, guys, wassup? im looking for yet another 1A throw. the main ones im looking at are the half and half, y-factor, and the Duncan Vendetta. im kinda looking in that price range, so if you have any other suggestions, please feel free to offer your two cents. my play style is not too fast, and i try to copy Jensen Kimmet’s style a lot (who isnt?). so please compare those three and give me your input. i am looking for a Duncan throw, so on my own id tend to lean toward the vendetta, but i also love plastics.
thanks! any comments / suggestions and even miscellaneous remarks will be appreciated.


Wait for the YoYoJam throws to come out.

So why are you leaning toward duncan. If I had to get duncan I would get the mayhem. The vendetta well… just read Dr. YoYo’s review on it.

Here is the Mayhems review:

But if you want to copy Jensens style, I would just get the protostar or northstar. Thats the yoyos he likes.

If u want a good plastic throw, get a protostar. They’re AMAZING! They play as good as some of the metals out there!

personally, I choose the yfactor, I have one, on a good throw, dead smooth.
On a bad throw, minimal vibe. Its fast, stable, grinds well. The shape is soooo comfortable. Just an awesome throw. Can NOT do horizontals though

otherwise, wait for jensen’s signature, the northstar.

teh northstar? i hadent heard news of that yet… well, thanks for the comments, guys! im still debating whether to go with the half-and half, the Mayhem (after reading the reviews on the Vendetta) or the possibility of the northstar, when it comes out!

I have the y factor it works great and very smooth. its a little small, but it feels great in the hand. i would reccommend the y factor.

Y-factor is awesome, but deffinitely undersize. If you like small yoyos it’s great. Otherwise go with a protostar, or hold off till the entire worlds lineup comes out.