Updated! Help?Looking for some Recommendations!

Haven’t posted here in a while haha,
(Please me mindful that i would like to purchase these off YYE!)

So im looking for a 1A throw.

my budget is 200$ INCLUDING Shipping.

im looking for
Mid to oversized(53 and Up)
hmm perhaps 43-46 width
and a light to medium weight.(62-66)
preferred a low walled throw.
Proton or HOT or 7075 Super G?

Mid to fullsized (53-56 Dia)
not too wide(42-44 Width)
Not light, more weight (66 and up)
and id prefer non organic shapes.

Look into Eternal Throw’s Victory for 3A, I’ve seen a few people using them and the specs fall right into your wants. the non splash versions are like 90 bucks so it fits your budget too.

The problem is, they arent on sale on this store!
sorry, i forgot to specify that!


Echos work well.

a bit to organic, and Metros… im afraid of the string eater thing haha

im pretty sure they fixed that an if you do have one they are willing to fix it for free I think

Most of the good 3a pairs I know are slightly out of your price range unless you get them used.

Code 1
Code 2

Ah just thought of one if they are in stock the burnsides are also right in par with those 3


ill consider burnsides for sure!

any thing else?


Macrocosms for 3a would be awesome

Hazmats might be good although I’m not sure on proce

Bump! Got my 3A pair
I chose hours

Just a 1 A throw now!

For 1a I would suggest the Solenoid. Its a low wall, crazy long sleep time, more stable than the positron (and more comfy in muly opinion).

bit too weighty for me haha

I love my Hour!
For 1A I’d say get an Glacier Express, I love mine!

I have one haha
I have like 60 yoyos


Then I assume you have a code 2…,
Well if you do than put a YYF center track bearing on it. I just did on my code 2, and it spins like crazy! (I mean long)! Great for 1A

I hate code2s haha

Get a hazmat :smiley: