Looking for a Nice mid size throw.



I’ve got around 85-95 to spend on a new throw. I cant really go over 100 dollars.

I like mid size throws. My play style is flowing and at a steady pace. But I also like technical and faster tricks.

Any opinions are acknowledged. I will consider everyone’s opinions


PS I will NOT buy anything used from anybody


C3 Dibase


If you consider 54mm diameter by 44 width to be undersized, then the SPYY Pro is amazing. It’s 110.00 though. So I’d suggest a Magic Yoyo. I just bought a T5 and once you replace the response pads and clean the lube off of the bearing they are amazing.


I already own that.


i would get a OD Y-factor or the Markmont Next


Yeah Ive been looking at OD throws.


Can you give a specific diameter range you like? The lines are blurry between mid and under sized.


Ok I CANNOT recommend the MO-vitation enough. Plays so amazing, competes with all high ends and for a relatively lower price. Finger grinds like no tomorrow.


What do you mean you Can’t?


About 54-54mm


For under $100, I would buy the Mo-Vitation.


he meant that he cant describe how amazing it is :slight_smile:


Can someone give me a link to where to buy it?


C3 Capless or the OD 54. The 54 is so classic plus you have side effects.


Markmont next.


that throw is too small for my liking. I already own a decent amount of small throws


Ok, but it is REALLY good

I would recomend a puffin, u can buy them fools gold, or used for 100$ and less


Right now I really want the OD Yelet. I just looked at it and it looks so nice




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