Looking for a Nice mid size throw.

Its actually about the same size as the markmont, or at least it olays like it.

Its pretty thin, im not a huge fan

I also like the cascade by OD

i mean that they sell the mo-tivation here on YYE

The cascade is great! Nothing like the yelets though, WAY wider and a little bigger it think. Has a diffrent weight didtribution


One Drop 54
YYF Roll Model
Duncan Raptor

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I second this

I like all of those options! Thank you

I justvbought a raptor from a freind and i love it

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yes I was definitely going to suggest the C3 Capless more stable than you could ever imagine, that is if you like metals, there’s the YYJ Theory, The RecRev Freq.Wav or Facade.

If you’re looking for something more plastic like, yet still professional you have to go with delrin, I have the YYF Severe (it’s amazingly stable and smooth) there are others like The-V by sOMThING or C3 Halo

PM me i’ll give you in depth details if you’d like so :wink:

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Cascade is super agile and the yelets plays fast and requires greater precision to land tricks, so when you go back to something bigger, it’ll be so much easier to land. They are both wonderful!

Im saying nothing i say will do it justice.

also would like to recommend the RecRev Sine//Saw. Amazing yoyo for such a good price. But still, the MO-vitation will get you FAAR

Thank you for the options. Im looking for a throw with more curves and rounded edges.

So far my top choices are:

Roll model
OD 54
Adegle Formosa V2

I like a weight above 65grams.

all those are actually great choices, except I’ve only played the Capless (yes, would recommend it) but if you’re looking for anymore options of more “round edges” there are,

Turning Point Houska (it’s on sale right now)!
Duncan Mayhem
Chico Roller

good luck choosing! :smiley:

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Buy a Crucial Cupcake. Unless you already own one. It’s mid sized and $90

My favorite yoyo, can handle my play style (slower and more relaxed) but you can go fast on it, too.

If you don’t already have one, definitely consider it. It’s a wonderful throw and fits your needs/wants.

Tried all of those. I seriously wish you would take into consideration the MO-vitation and Cupcake. Both seriously IMHO out play those yoyos and will satisfy any appetite. They just play amazing and though the choices you listed are great, these throws are AMAZING.

I don’t find the Capless very “mid-sized” feeling. Feels full-sized to me.

RecRev @ or Sine//Saw

Anyone’s opinions on these throws?

Delrin Severe

CZM84VK (Czech Mate)

BTW, I like wider throws