Looking for a Nice mid size throw.

I like the Delrin severe a lot

THEORY MAN! I highly recommend the YYJ Theory!

I am mostly looking for organic shaped throws.

Where can I find a ILYY Falcon? They arent here on yye anymore.

Why not get a Mo Vitation (speeding lol??)

Just browse through YYE. I suggest look at YYF OD Duncan YYJ ILLY and practically and brand, o and C3!

Here we go.

To the OP, this guy is a YYJ only guy. He thinks the theory is a magic glass ball. It is good, but he over exaggerates a little…

The Burnside is amazing and (where I buy)$85. It looks really cool with the color ways, or the simple one color yoyos look cool too. It has insane sleep times and can grind pretty good.

I don’t want a Mo Vitation. It does not fit my preferences. It is too large and angular.

Do you own one? Exactly.

This is the reason I have little to no respect for you. And I know I’m not the only one that has that much respect for you. Honestly leave me alone won’t ya! It’s gets so dang annoying when you post useless crap like this! But in the end your the perfect guy to go to if ya want your day ruined. Thanks for nothing!

EXACTLY. Stop going out of your flipping way to post useless junk just to make someone look bad. Did he do anything wrong? No he simply wanted to help someone out and make a good recommendation but you had to bash on it for no reason.

Oh and on topic I don’t think anybody has mentioned this but don’t you get a YYS Civilty? I’ve never played it but it looks fantastic and it’s in your price range. Its suppose to release ate the end of the month.

The Theory looks on point, especially for the price.

Guys, OP said he’s looking for something with more rounded edges… Theory is V-shaped which is absolutely opposite. Lets all be respectful to other opinions

Was responding more to subsequent posts than the OP. :wink: I think my opinion for the OP is already out there.

oxy io

Wow! Just looked at that and it looks amazing. But, sorry to say, I’m getting a Cascade. I found a Place where I can get an AMAZING deal on one brand new.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

If I can afford it I’ll buy a Delrin Severe with it.

you picked 2 of the greatest choices! I’m wanting a Cascade for a while now! ahh, I already have the Severe, and I tell you! it’s just fantastic! it grinds like a little bird soooo smoooth, my bad I just get excited talking about it ;D

Cascade was and still is one of my favorites. The Yelets is slowing making its way to my top mid sized favorite.

Yepp, bcmaddog hasn’t been making a very good name of himself as of late. He’s been posting BS all over this place.