High End Throw Help

I haven’t bought any high end throws yet and I’m looking to get one, but I just don’t know what to get. I’m not made of money so I’d like to get one nice throw. The closest I have is an n12. I’d like something close to a 43 mm gap, and 56 mm diameter. I don’t like shapes like the metal drifter. I like designs more close to the supernova, burnside or the cliff. Something with side effects would be nice (but not necessary too). I want something that has a good grinding finish and has sides to thumb grind on. I’d like something floaty and not too heavy feeling on the string. Any thoughts? (Don’t worry about price range, i’ll save up for whatever will fit my style best)

Shutter is pretty cheap and they now have blasted ones. Seems to fit your preferences pretty well

I’d check out the Werrd 86400 as well even though it’s not as close to your preferences.


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I have considered the shutter, not so sure about the shape, but I might try it. Does it perform like other high ends?

I do like the looks of the OD Chik, how does it perform?

Chik for sure.

The shutter plays just as good as the other expensive yoyos. You could also consider the yoyoofficer brave which is very similar to the shutter and in a similar price range.

Would also check out:
Werrd irony JP
C3 Electric Flash/krown
Deadly Spins Wrath
G-Squared Triton
Rec Rev Octave/Silly Goose
sOMEThING Superfly Remix/Anglam CC

If you can find one and you’re willing to spend the cash the Yoyo Monster Checkmate is amazing but the Remate might fit your preferences more.

What makes you say that?

Supernova is a great yoyo, isn’t perfect for grinding though. It’s my favorite throw at the moment, I like it more than my chief :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend has a supernova. I do like it except for the bad grinding :confused:

So, going for a Protostar-esque shape.

Fortunately, there’s plenty for you.

I disliked the SuperNova, Nova and Nova Lite, but they are worth checking out. It’s preferences.

The Werrd Eighty-Six 400 in a word is AMAZING!! I played one, had to get one. Now I got one.

Burnside, Chik and Code2 all share very similar profiles. It depends what you want and what you like and what you want to spend. The Code2 can be a bit heavy, so it will be floaty. The Chik is more budget-friendly with side effects, but gives up nothing in performance. The Burnside lacks side effects, which is why it’s priced where it is, but to me, it’s perfect, so I am NOT questioning the price.

The CLYW Avalanche is another one worth checking into. The Summit might be worth looking into as well.

The Shutter I’m leaving for the end because it doesn’t really seem like it matches your pre-mentioned interests. It’s not really floaty, but it’s not a speedster either unless you want it to be and then it will gladly be pushed fast and stay stable. However, it’s big on performance and low on price.

If you’re looking for something more organic, the OG Octave is sweet. I’m thinking the BVM2 might be another worth considering as well. I don’t have my Gnarwal 2, but even so, that’s not going to meet your size requirements. Even the Arctic Circle isn’t in the size range you desire. The OG Octave is one of the most floaty-type yoyos I’ve played, but if you want to push this, it steps up right with you. It doesn’t feel heavy to me on the string. But, the OG Octave is way outside your shape preferences.

The Werrd Eighty-Six 400, burnside, chik, avalance, arctic circle, and chief are ones that interest me so far. I’m not so sure about the shutter, don’t really want the OG Octave, or BVM2.

Just saying that I would take the chik over the burnside since it’s basically a burnside with side effects. With the arctic circle 2 out I’d probly not consider the arctic circle along with the fact that I preferred the chief to it anyways. 86400 is awesome and the avalanche is a very comfy throw that I always have fun with.

Yeah I’m kinda thinking the chik at this point, anyone have fav sideeffects with the chik?

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Stock spikes are awesome!

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I tend to just run superlights on everything

I’d hope so! lol

Why’s that?

Spikes FTW.

Something worth mentioning, though: The Chick has a small lip for thumb grinds, but the shape of the cup means that they’re still not super-easy. And the finish in general is NOT the best grinding finish you can get. Pyramatte is somewhere between raw aluminum and a proper blast. I will continue to buy OD throws, but I will continue to wish there was a blast option.

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I would also say the Shutter, or check out Yoyofficer, their yoyos play well over value.

No. The Shutter is NOT a high end yoyo. It sure does play like one but it is in no way high end.

If you want something that is high end, go for a really nice One Drop or CLYW and I assure you no matter what you get, you will not be disappointed. Some don’t even consider those companies high end. The real high end stuff is TP, YoYoRec, etc…

But, if you do want to opt for a Shutter, that’s good too. One of my favorite yoyos that YYF makes.

If you’re wanting high end and plan on buying one yoyo to last you a long time, I would definitely get a yoyo made from 7075 aluminum. No, there’s not a huge difference in play, however, the 7075 aluminum is stronger and a little tougher and more resistance to dings and other damage. With the ever increasing popularity of Japanese style yoyo’s, (Yoyorecreation being the most popular) manufacturers have started making a lot more throw’s out of this material and have been making new runs, using 7075 aluminum, of their older models that were originally made from 6061 aluminum. I’ve been doing a good bit of research, for a while now, on all the different high end throws b/c, like you, I’m gonna buy one yoyo and it’s going to have to last me a good while. I’m definitely going to get a yoyo made from 7075 aluminum b/c it’s superior to 6061 and every other yoyo I’ve ever had has been made from 6061 aluminum, so It’s time for a change. If nothing else, I would get it just b/c it’s the better of the two and if it has to last you a long time, why not go all out? I really think this would benefit you as well. Also, like yourself, I want this yoyo to have a wider catch zone and be more of a contest oriented yoyo. You’re wanting it to have a diameter of 56mm and a width of 43mm which is around the same specs that I would like, however, that’s not a must for me. I have read a lot of reviews on all of the higher end yoyo’s that currently seem to be very popular and well liked. Everyone is different and finding a yoyo that not only makes them happy, but exceeds their expectations is almost damn near impossible. With that said, I believe the Irony JP 2k13 and the One Drop Format:C are just about as good a yoyo you’re going to get. I believe I’m going to go with the Format:C. If grinding is a big deal for you, you might want to go with the Irony JP 2k13. I believe one of these models would definitely make you happy. The Format C is 57mm so it’s only one mm larger in diameter, but, has a width of 43.01mm and a gap width of 4.35mm, so pretty much right up your alley. The Irony JP 2k13 is 58mm in diameter, but, has a width of 43.00mm and a gap width of 4.5mm. If the diameter is too large for your liking, you could go with the regular Irony JP, which has a diameter of 55.80mm and a width of 42.65mm. Both weigh 66.8 grams while the Format:C weighs 65.1 grams. One plus, if you did go with last year’s Irony JP, is that I’ve seen them MIB for around $75. That’s a steal. I hope this helped you out bro and good luck finding that special little friend ;D