Best YoYo for under $100

I have a SuperNova, Grind Machine and C3 Token at the moment and I have a little bit of extra cash that I was going to spend on a quality yoyo that is under $100. I really enjoy my SuperNova but I have noticed that a lot of you guys dislike this throw. Are there any suggestions that you guys have? I play 1A and 5A and I am just curious if anything from any of the other brands are particularly good. I know the Shutter was just released but I kind of want to try more than just YYF stuff. I know the GM is an amazing yoyo for how cheap it is but I really like the shape of the SN. Here are a couple of the ones that I was looking at and I was just curious if anyone has any personal preferences or suggestions.

YYF Shutter
YYF Dv888
Crucial AYCE
Crucial Cupcake
Werrd Poo

My roommate has a DV888 and I really enjoy it but I’m not sure if that is what I would want to buy at this moment. I might grab 2 new throws if one suggestion is particularly cheap and both would still leave me under $100

I have a 2012 Supernova, and I LOVE it! Such a great throw…who said that they disliked it?

But anyway, if you like the shape of the Supernova, and you want to get away from YYF for now, check out the Yomega Glide. Kind of an extreme version of the Supernova’s shape. I definitely want one. If you don’t mind going for a YYF, look into the Genesis. Somewhat similar to the Supernova. And you seriously can’t go wrong with the Shutter…maybe the best value out there…same quality as the Supernova, with a smaller price tag.

And also, see about the Strix. For $55, it has to be the second best value out there. Sooo smooth…


I wouldn’t mind sticking to YYF and I suppose my music background could be hindering my decision process. When it comes to guitars, a good guitar player knows when to use what. My main stage guitar was always my Ibanez Rg Prestige’s but when it came to studio I had to know when to use a Strat, Les Paul, or something else. I guess I’m just thinking that yoyos are going to behave the same way in terms of each one having a use that will be specific to different things.

My Token is just my carry around all-the-time yoyo because of the size. My grind machine is amazing for learning new tricks because it adds challenge because of stability and shape issues. My Supernova is my main choice just because it is a really good yoyo. Maybe I’ll just get another SuperNova in another color lol. So many options!

Let’s stick to your choices. I will confuse things later.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind is how important personal preferences are for the enjoyment of a yoyo. You mentioned a lot of people dislike the SuperNova. I am in that group of people. Is the SuperNova bad? Nope, not in the least. The only thing you can determine from my saying I dislike the SuperNova is that I flat out state that it doesn’t blend well with my primary preferences, and didn’t fit in well with my generous tolerances. At the same time, this is a regular selling yoyo with lots of users who enjoy it. Make sure you take any dislikes and “Bad reviews” with the proverbial “grain of salt”. You have to read reviews and suggestions and then process that information to see how it applies for you. I myself was interested in trying a SuperNova. Someone put it in my hand at Nationals 2012 so they could try a One Drop, and I was just simply not enjoying the SuperNova. That’s how it goes sometimes. Some people try my One Drop yoyos and CLYW’s and some have discovered “no, I didn’t like that one”, and thus I’ve saved them from making a bad purchase.

While there are a lot of YYF’s that I don’t like, there’s plenty more that I do like.

So, onto some models that you have listed:

The Shutter will get your job done. It’s more 1A oriented though.

The dv888 is another yoyo that doesn’t mesh well with me. It’s good, there’s nothing wrong with it, I just find it to be bland, plays heavy and is nothing all that special. The small size doesn’t lend itself for your 5A desires.

The AYCE, Cupcake and Poo I have not tried, so no opinion.

So, under $100 and you want 1A/5A performance…

2013 Superstar.
Burnside and the new(er) Chik. Both under $100 and similar shape to the SuperNova.
The YYF Destiny is around $55 or so, but it’s a touch small, but it’s excellent at 5A and 1A, but designed for 1A. If you want bigger, get the SFX.
Another option might be the Duncan Strix.

If you’re after “let’s be cheap”, well, there’s some fantastic plastics that are good multi-style performers:
Adegle PSG and/or PSG Gem is great for 1A, 3A and 5A and at under $15… wow.
Classic with upgrades is also good for 1A, 3A and 5A. The Surge seems good for 1A and 5A.
The YYF Stackless Grind Machine is fun, and seems good for 1A and 5A, but I wouldn’t use it for 3A only due to the shape.
I find the ALpha Crash to be more 1A oriented, but still good at 3A and 5A. The new Speedaholid looks promising for 1A/3A/5A as well.

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One Drop Chik! is $88 for solid colors. Side Effect enabled competition style yoyo made in USA.

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Only a little biased eh? Although the Yelets is a nice yoyo,.

Anyways, to the OP; have you thought about the YYF Rollmodel? It was designed by the inventor of 5a so I assume it’s good at it.

Code 2 nautilus is, from what I’ve heard very good. I have a shutter, I can get 1 minute combos and it will still be spinning fast when i bring it up. It is very stable, I’ve got a gold center trac and it plays so well. Good for horizontal, ok for finger grinds, terrible for palm grinds. It is amazing for learning trick cuz it has a huge gap. Also thumb grinds are amazing, I’ve gotten like 15 seconds on the inner rime.

The Werrd Poo is light and comfortable and fun, but it’s not a great performer (but is still surprisingly capable) due to it being unusually narrow, and it’s sleep times aren’t particularly impressive but given it’s light weight it does really well, but with all that said I really love mine. But if you want something a bit more capable at under $100 I’d say the new Werrd 86400 is the way to go. Or stick with the Poo it really is quite unique.

check out the C3 Glitter

It really depends on do you want to be on the high end, Low end, or middle of the budget? Are you after metals or plastics? Or hybrids?

Here are the yoyos I’m currently liking and why with price attached

C3 YOYO Designs - token = this is a small yoyo but weighs in at almost 67 grams, it is extremely stable and plays like a big yoyo, the catch zone is a comfortable fit for my hand. Has a really nice spin time and just overall is a great value for what you get coming in at $28.

YoYoJam - XLR8 = this is a beefy hybrid that doesn’t play like a brick even though it is 71.1 grams, it has a really unique shape and loves the string and it’s tricks. This is one of those yoyos I love because its cheap enough ($32.75) to beat up but not cry like you would your. $80+ yoyo. This you is built to play better the most of us 8).

Next up is a really inexpensive but amazing plastic that I’d say everyone should own its the
YoYoJam - Surge = coming in at $16.25 you will be surprised that this yoyo is such a nice an smooth plastic it likes a thin string so you can move it fast and whip it hard.

C3YoYo Designs - speedaholic = this isn’t one I own or have played yet but I am hearing amazing things especially at the $13.50 price point I’ve not seen any negative comments or detracting statements about it and will be adding at least one soon.

One drop - Rally = I will be sort and sweet on this one. You will Rouget its plastic 8) for $45 you cannot go wrong such a player and will remind you of your favorite metal while being a really cool plastic (I am partial to the Spider-Man color scheme.) the boys at OneDrop did something special!

OneDrop - Chik= hands down my favorite metal (well tied with majesty but I’d say I give the edge just sight my to the Chik) this yoyo comes in solid or awesome colors and all at reasonable prices ($88 solid colors or $108 for fancy colors) this yoyo again plays so much better then I can but allows me to grow into and and still know they I can throw anything at it and it will take it. Not to mention that you can have a versatile and changeable yoyo to fit what you want with the ability to change side effects to be lighter or heavier with swapping out a $12 part instead of having to buy a brand new yoyo.

General-Yo - Prestige = this yoyo is one I’ve been waiting for since I first heard about it, these can be had for $90 with some ano flaws but not a huge deal considering how amazing this metal is and it will surely rock your sock off! The General makes some of my favorite metals (currently the majesty is tied for number 1 favorite yoyo period!), it’s well balanced and the design is thought through and built with fun and function in mind. If you are looking at an amazing undersized general-yo look for a ministar this is the best undersized yoyo I own it has lots of rim weight holds steady and will play with the best of the big yoyos.

There are a ton more but this is my list for now I’ll come back and add some as I can. Bolded yoyos my most recommended.

I am mainly looking for a high-end metal yoyo on a quasi-budget. I kind of want to see what this whole “Werrd” thing is about because it seems like they are all over the place. I have the token and I like it because it fits in my pocket and plays like a big yoyo without taking up space that my wallet could occupy. A plastic has potential to work because I will most likely bang it up with 5a. There are so many options and they all look so good. I wish I could just buy 1 of everything and play with each one until I figured out exactly what I was looking for. Buying guitars is SO much easier!

High-end to me is performance, not price. Then again, I can play anything from a Classic on up and have a great time so I guess I’m not a good judge of price or performance.

Get a Sine//saw then. The RecRev stuff is simply amazing and way below your target. However, I’m not so sure how it is for 5A, but it’s amazing for 1A.

I really wish there was just a specific Jason Lee yoyo so I could just be a fanboy and get that. My life would be so much easier. Even though Steve Brown himself taught me my very first trick, I don’t know if I want to buy his yoyo again lol. He had me buy one of his old yoyos when I was like 7 years old and I had to beg my Mom to loan me the $20 to buy it. I really wish I knew where that thing was. The Sine//Saw looks awesome, the Shutter looks awesome and the Chik looks awesome. I’m honestly torn between these three right now. I’m kind of worried that one of these 3 would replace my SuperNova.

I own the supernova and 2 chiks don’t worry about one replacing the other each plays differently enough I really enjoy playing each for different reasons. If it were my money I’d buy a chik (then later a shutter).

One question about the Shutter, Is the free lesson with Andre Boulay really worth it? I mean I’m sure it is cool and all but I wish they added a bit more information about it other than it is a free lesson. I’m thinking I will most likely choose the Chik or a Werrd, again just to see what all of the hype is about. The side effect thing seems like a neat little option with the Chik though. I could see that being the deal breaker for me in all honesty. My roommate swears by Crucial but he doesn’t actually own one and that is why I initially thought about checking out a Crucial (his opinion isn’t really valid though because I have only seen him bind in the month that I have lived with him).

The free lesson is in the trick that gentry does on the shutter video it’s a tutorial of the trick narrated by André and my understanding is that it is really cool my buddy has most if the trick down because of that lesson.

There are really light to really heavy side effects and everything inbetween they each play differently and give you so much customization and weight options it’s not even funny and if you buy another one drop in the future that has side effects any you’d buy for the chik will adapt to that yoyo as well. The guys at one drop are amazing folks!

I wish I could say something about crucial I’ve not played with or even seen one in person, so I can’t really say how they stack up (there must be someone on the forum that can help with that.). I just know that you won’t be sad with a chik. What color do you think you’d go with? And with the werrd or shutter what. Plots would you pick?

Also what has you stuck and what’s making the choice hard? Is it not knowing the yoyos? Or what other people’s opinions are? Or something else?

Here is my final thought, get the one you like even if it’s as simple as just liking a color it comes in or the shape, at the end of the day you are the one that had to play it and be happy with it. All that have posted here really wants you to be happy with your purchase and continue to grow in your love for the yoyo and learning tricks to impress yourself and your friends.

So pick the one your gut is telling you to get. There will always be more time to get yoyos later on and heck you might find what you love in your purchase or you might find what you want in your next yoyo. Just live with no regrets and get what you like and want. :slight_smile:

I think the thing that is making it so difficult is the thought that there are so many options and I have not tried any of them. I’m really liking the NQP Orange Chik so I think I’m going to put that order in right now. I know I will be making much more money in the future (I’m a graphic designer and I also do motion graphics and 3d modeling/animation for high scale artists) so I suppose you are right and I really shouldn’t be too worried. I’m just really indecisive unless it is about whether or not I should eat pizza or if I should play guitar lol. I’m going with the Chik and if I don’t like it then I will trade it at a yoyo club or on here.

Thank so so much everyone for all of your help and I’m sure I will talk to you all again soon!

You won’t be sad! Also that’s cool you have a local club. Also when you trade alway take your time check the value of what your trading verses what you’re getting and if you aren’t allows a day or so to decide then run don’t walk away from the deal.

That’s a great field to be in, lots of money to be made :).

Go figure, after 3 days of trying to decide which yoyo to purchase, I go to check out… Credit card (a gift card for my birthday) is declined because it isn’t registered. Looks like I’ll have to try and make the purchase early tomorrow :frowning:

Wanted to toss it out there that you could pick up a minute and shutter for under $100 and then you’d have an undersized and full sized throw along with 2 different brands.