Best YoYo for under $100

Register it and double and triple think what you’d like get and just make sure it’s what you’d like. There was a valid point mad is you could get to less expensive throws (rally and shutter, rally and minute, minute and shutter, XLR8 and shutter, XLR8 and rally, or XLR8 and minute, ECT.) or stick with the chik. Just make sure once you hit send order your happy and no moment of buyers remorse. Good luck with your purchase and I look forward to hearing your opinion on what ever you buy :).

I’m pretty positive on the Chik now. I looked the stores and browsed through every option available. I’m going with the Chik. The price is exactly right and it allows me to have the options that I wanted to try out (10-ball bearing and side effects). I’m pretty happy with my choice. I’ll go and buy a shutter and some other yoyos in the near future. I’m sure this won’t be my last purchase

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all great reasons to buy the chik, that 10 ball is amazing and the side effects are great. you wont be sad and i do believe you when you say that this wont be the last purchase hehe, i havent been yoyoing more then 2 months and ive amassed a collection of around 25 yoyos.

One suggestion for future readers and lurkers. The 2013 superstar it is just great. Albeit a bit wide. Also to activate the card you have to call a number I just had to do that with one I got from my graduation

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The superstar is next on my wishlist

ive really been thinking about this yoyo more and more and more the last few weeks, let me know how you like it when you get it. :slight_smile:

888.11, if you can find a used one.

I have been trying not to go too overboard with my yoyo purchases. I thought the supernova was going to end up being the end-all-say-all yoyo for me but I am so interested in everything that these other yoyos will present to myself. I do know I want another supernova in another color. I was looking for an 888.11 (in response to the jason lee remark) but I couldn’t really find anything. I’m fine buying new yoyos and slowly finding what suits me the most.

The Card was apparently registered but the billing address and the card’s billing address were different so it wouldn’t go through. I had to call like 5 different banks and other people for the card to get them to switch all of the crap. It was very annoying but I’m really excited about this Chik. I can’t believe I actually found an orange yoyo that is one that I actually like.

congrats on getting it fixed and i believe you’ll love that Chik david (da5id) and his crew did and amazing job on the Chik it is truly a thing of beauty (I know its not for everyone but for me its on top of my list of awesome there are a few other yoyos that are neck and neck with it on my liking status but i think if it came down to a hard choice id choose the chik if i could only have 1 yoyo).

I look forward to your review and hearing your thoughts on how you feel about it.

The 07 888 highwall jason lee 888 looked better and played better in my opinion

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I’d love to find one of those highwalled 888s

Take a look at the onedrop 54 it is so smooth and at 85 bucks a bargain

Funny thing about the Chik: when I first got it, I thought it was a bit “bland” because it seemed to be pretty good at almost everything (except in my opinion, mediocre at grinding… not the worst, but nothing to write home about). Fast forward a couple months and I really love throwing this thing around. It took a while for its character to shine through, but now it’s one that I reach for without hesitation.

But the fact that it’s pretty good at almost everything makes it a particularly good buy for someone who doesn’t already have a whole stockpile of throws to draw upon. One yoyo and you’ll have a bunch of bases covered.

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I just received my Chik. I am extremely happy with it. I will be doing a video review once I have had a chance to test it out for a little bit. Assessment after 1 hour of owning it though, amazing…

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Awesome ! I am glad you like it!

How are the spikes for metador?

Spike side effects are perfectly suited to matador play.