Suggestions for next throw?

Hey YYE forums, so I want to buy a new yoyo but i’m not sure what to get. It’s not gonna be a competition throw or anything but just a yoyo ill bring to school and such and to mess around with. I want a throw on the faster side and a throw that has no vibe. Anything from 53-56 for diameter is fine and preferably i want the yoyo to be in a solid colorway. plastics and metals are both fine but i don’t really want it to go over the 65$ mark. So any sugestions?

C3: Di Base, Halo, Capless. All great (from what i’ve heard).
Though for something to bring to school, i’d say a Protostar or a North/shaqlerstar. About half the price and you’ll be able to let buddies try without worring about them dinging it up.

God-Tricks Destiny.

Plays fast, nice wide catch zone and great value.

YYF G funk

All of them are great. Capless would be my favorite of those 3.

Since you are mainly looking for a carry around throw, if you haven’t already, I would suggest looking at the bst. You can get some pretty great deals on yoyos that are just barely damaged.