Looking for a new throw

Hi guys,
I am looking for a good yoyo. My budget is $65 and Ialready have a psg and asteroid, dv888, starbrite and token.
I like mid to undersized throws and not very wide also light and floaty. It would be appreciated if you would also list the best bearing and lube.

C3 di base. I don’t have it but from all I’ve heard it is great get this one. Also god tricks makes some great metal throws. Dv888 has a small gap but is undersized. This was my first metal throw. If you can step it up to $65 vet the C3 capless. Overall with the budget in mind I’d recommend di base but if you want to stay undersized go with the dv888.

SEVERE. Id give you a bunch of reasons, but there has been so many of these lately. Get a SEVERE and with the extra money buy some response and bearing if you prefer something besides the stock bearing


Get the Cafe Racer.

The capless is a great yoyo and is within your budget.

G-Funk is a great throw at that price. Can’t go wrong with a Di Base or Cafe Racer either. I have all three and prefer the G-Funk because it feels more like the larger throws I’m used to playing.

What about the yukksta but where would I get it because I can’t find it on yoyoexpert?

I’ve heard great things about the Yuuksta but I haven’t tried one. I decided on the G-Funk instead. Yuuksta’s tend to show up on the BST or look online for other sites.

dont recommend other sites…

C3: capless, di base
YYF: protostar, protostar, protostar
WERRD: hour

Have fun!

The yuuksta is great. I love it. It is no longer in production sadly (I think) the g funk is amazing though. It is your best bet imo

What about the Freq.Wav?! Too big? It’s an amazing yoyo for the price, definitely worth checking out.