I’ve got a little more than 80 bucks, but I don’t really want to spend too much on a throw cause I do have other hobbies (aquarium enthusiasts anyone?). So the cheaper the better and I’m really not too sure if I want to get an outside throw or an inside throw. Please make it worth my while and offer a yoyo that plays well for or better than its price. I currently have a yyf stackless pgm, yyf whip, 2 yyj unleashed (2a), bootleg yyf 888, yyj destiny (that I bought here in the BST). The destiny is my favorite throw as of right now. I’ve learned all the advance tricks with it and i use it mostly for 1a. I have tiny hands so the pgm is too big and feels awkward. I also can’t land too many tricks cause my fingers are short and the pgm usually lands on multiple strings. I’ve never thrown a real 888, but the bootleg version is too heavy and was basically the reason I gave up throwing for a year. The whip I mainly use for 5a, but I like it for 1a also, but it doesn’t sleep long enough for me to finish a trick. I haven’t tried 1a tricks with the unleashed for obvious reasons. I could do all the tricks through Advance 1. So I’m starting to do tricks in Advance 2. I haven’t thrown any other throws, besides some cheap ones from when I was younger, so I can’t really describe what I like in my throw of choice.

Save up five dollars and get a Burnside. Sorry, but five bucks isn’t much.

True, or, you could buy one in the BST and then with the left over money get some string! And maybe even a Candy Bar! :o

For $72, you can’t go wrong with the Facade or Freq. Wave from RecRev if they are in stock. The TA-1 is a neat throw too but for the money and cost/performance, the Facade and Freq. Wave blow it out of the water.

The DiBase, Capless and Halo are all great options from C3.

I don’t have the Capless yet. Everything else I’ve recommended I own one of.

I hope those are some things you can use, because that’s all I’m recommending for now. But don’t feel you need to spend the whole bag of cash.

The C3 Capless or Werrd Hour would be my picks of the sub $80 throws.


How does the Yeah3 by C3 compare to the other choices?

If you think the PGM is a little big, then I’ll try to come up with some smaller ideas for you. Otherwise, the Burnside would be an easy suggestion. ;D The YYJ Vigilante is the first to come to my mind. I haven’t tried one, but I’ve been tempted to order it on a few occasions. It is on the small side and it is well under your budget ($48). I like YYJ a lot, and that would seem to be a great yoyo for the price. The C3 Di Base ($55) is a good little throw, as is the OneDrop Cafe Racer ($60). I really like the YYF G-Funk too. The G-Funk ($65) is one I usually carry with me because it is small but it plays more like the full-size yoyos I’m used to than the Di Base or Cafe Racer. If you’re willing to flex up a few dollars, the OneDrop Y-Factor is available right now ($90). Another one I’ve never thrown it but the reviews I’ve heard are excellent. It is rare and comes in some great splash colors if you appreciate the collectibility of such things.

Nice to see another aquarium enthusiast on here! I used to keep a few planted tanks, but I’m down to just one 5gal nano these days. :wink:

I have just the throw for you:

This is so awesome! :o I also have planted tanks! ;D

Not sure if you were joking?

That was definitely a joke.  :-X

I’d suggest a C3 Token, but I’m not sure if it would be entirely for you if you think the 888 bootleg you had was too heavy.

Usually the issue with something being “too heavy” is in fact the weight distribution on the yoyo instead of the actual given weight of it.  My C3 Token is lighter than my 888x, but it feels heavier.

That being said, the C3 Token plays like a rock, a very nicely polished rock that has decent spin times and definitely makes me smile.  I’ve been told popping a KK in it makes it run quite nicely as well.

Agreed with the above, and I indeed have a KK in it. I’m convinced that this “rock on a string” feel comes from how slowly (or quickly) the yoyo unwinds when you throw rather than the pure weight itself. The combination of small diameter (which affects spin dynamics) with the lack of gap wall makes this thing crash to the end of the string rather than unfurling elegantly. But once you get going, it’s a fun throw!

I don’t think I’d recommend it above some of the other yoyos mentioned here, though. The Token plays closer to a full-size than I anticipated (everyone told me it would be a challenging throw) but it’s simply not possible for a yoyo of that size to be a stability champion.

I have a Capless, and while it’s elegant in the hand, it’s still not truly “small”. I believe the DiBase is a bit smaller, and though I’ve never tried one I would have no fear just buying one blind, such is my confidence in our community (many who recommend the DiBase) and C3 as a company.

Just for future reference if you’re looking for a yoyo under $80 your thread should be <$80.

RecRev Freq. Wave: IMO one of the best yoyos to come out in 2012

no I’m pretty sure he has it right. The alligator eats the bigger number :slight_smile: so it would be >$80

Yes, but RyN has it right. I noticed this when the thread first started, but tried not to be pedantic. But here I am anyhow, supporting the guy who stepped up. :wink:

He is looking for a yoyo that is less than $80.

“Looking for new yoyo (less than) $80”
“looking for new yoyo (<) $80”

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Oh I gottcha! My bad!
EDIT: What if he said $80< would that be correct also?

I’m actually a she, but yes $80< would also be correct. I was tired and wasn’t really paying attention and I thought the alligator rule applied in this situation… Guess not. But I’m okay with more expensive recommendations too because I could probably find them in the bst for a lot less. Like a od Dietz for $75.

A bazillion apologies. Hate it when I do that…!

No, because this would translate as “$80 is less than the cost of the new yoyo”

Nope, no need for apologies I understand why you’d think that. Your also right that $80< wouldn’t work.