New throw


Hey everyone, I have a bunch of cash from my b-day and now i want to get a new throw. My budget is no higher than $80. I tend to like bigger heavier throws but i kinda want to try something different but maybe not. So what do y’all think?




For just $5 more, the OneDrop Burnside seems perfect for you. A bit on the large side, and heavy, but still feels floaty on a throw. Stable, smooth, and performs like a $100+ throw.


The yoyo factory role model would be a great decision


Okay. What would you suggest for a lighter/faster throw?


C3yoyodesign halo it’s made of Delron which is a great material. You don’t have to worry about dings and it is amazing for grinds

(SR) #7

Heavier, larger but awesome- One Drop Burnside all the way. Or a Genesis.

Lighter, faster- Supernova.


for a lighter faster throw i would say a yoyojam PHENOMizm


C3 Capless would be my pick of the throws under $80 that I own.



Completely agree with this. Outside of the extra 5 bucks, it’s everything you described and an amazing yoyo




Why would you suggest for $10 more?

(M.DeV1) #13

The C3 yeah3 is $80 and a nice speedy solid playing throw.


I agree with this. Amazing throw for the price.


I think he should take his previous advice and get an ILYY TRVTH

Why? Because for months, that what his answer for everything. Now it can be.

Seriously, there’s so much in the $80 and below price range that’s good, it comes down to what you want and you’ll find something good. No worries.


agreed good sir. also agree with the burnside! (i think its ok, but for you it seems perfect)


So between the burnside capless what would you think? I’m just looking for what the majority says.


I don’t have a Capless.I want to have a Capless. I do have a Burnside. I really like the Burnside.

However, keep in in these are completely different shapes. Ignore the price. Both the Burnside and Capless perform way above their price points. It’s not a like for like comparison.




I am going to sound like a total noob, but who makes the hour? I have been hearing about it recently, but can’t seem to find out who makes it.