Need some help.

I am going to get a yoyo soon and I’d like to know some good yoyos in the $70 range. If you could write a short review with it would be very welcomed. Any suggestions welcome.
Thanks ;D

I strongly recommend the burnside and inspire. Both are in the top 3 Yoyos that I own. They both are superb for competition. The Inspire is lighter, and quicker, but the burnside is smoother, more stable

C3YoYoDesign DiBase: $55
C3YoYoDesign Capless

I’d also recommend RecRev. Facade is amazing.

Not gonna write a short review. There’s loads of amazing stuff for $70. Don’t let target price dictate “more coin is better”. There’s some amazing stuff under $70 as well.

Without knowing more, I ain’t saying more.

Burnside. Recrevs arent even worth it. Thats just me though.

Oh, no doubt the Burnside is an amazing yoyo. If this is what One Drop calls a budget metal, all I can say is “be afraid, be very afraid”, because the Burnside is an absolutely amazing yoyo, so that must mean One Drop has something mind blowing in the works.

Even so, I’ve been playing my TA-1 and as much as I like it, I will agree it’s not quite the Burnside, but it’s pretty darn good. A friend has a Facade, which I feel is a lot better, and is at least on par with the Burnside yet at a lower price. We all know preferences play a big factor and I do have a preference for One Drops.

I think we should all bring attention to the fact that there’s a lot of really great yoyos that people aren’t normally mentioning. I have so many different brands, I can really see that there’s a huge number of great yoyos and multiple options at nearly any price point.

I’d recommend a God-Tricks. The Cyclone is probably the most balanced of their current lineup. Bounty Hunter is nice if you like bigger yoyos and destiny is great for fast players.

The Shinwoo Zen 6 is also quite nice and the new Crucial A.Y.C.E. looks like a player but I’ve yet to try one.

The newly released Werrd Hour should be just within your price range and plays great. I imagine these will start showing up at US shops soon.

If you really want to go cheap check out some Magic YoYos. Probably the best value for money metal yoyos around.

I guess I forgot to mention that it’s $70 or under and I’d like a yoyo thats a little undersized. Bigger than the dv888 and smaller than the asteroid. Thanks for the suggestions.

The Di Base fits your size and budget requirements, plus it’s a great value at $55.
Di Base 1 by MBsShots, on Flickr