Solid YoYo for 75

I am looking at the Crucial Ayce right now, but I am open to suggestions.

Also budget isnt super strict.

the ayce is a great yoyo. If the 75 also includes shipping get it or the di base. if it doesn’t include shipping look at the ilyy e1ns

C3yoyodesign Capless or yoyojam Inspire :open_mouth:

I’m ignoring your pricing. There’s loads of great stuff at that price.

I think the RecRev Facade is $72. It’s one I gotta have.

I think the C3YoYoDesign’s Capless is around $65. I hear enough good about it to want to go get it. I’m also loving the Halo and the DiBase too.

I know YYF makes some stuff in that range too. There’s nothing in that price range by YYF that I want to get, but there’s plenty of good stuff.

i would hop up and spend $10 more so you can get a supernova much better than any yoyos in the $75 range (IMO)

Capless is amazing!

I’d suggest waiting approximately a couple or so days before making your decision.

Werrd Hour, Hell yeah. Hour.

I’m guessing that’s a hint for when the new Werrd yoyos come out. Really excited for those.

Anyway, the YYJ Inspire is definitely a great yoyo in your price range. I’ve also heard great things about the C3 Capless.

I would also recommend looking through the B/S/T and seeing if anything catches your eye. Sometimes you can find some pretty awesome yoyos on there for a great price.

c3 is amazing. I tried one and have a different one coming in the mail. however, they are usually out of stock. Try searching the b/s/t if you want

facade, and inspire are other ones I have heard great things about

however, If you like things in the 65g weight wait for the werrd HOUR

got to try this for 30min and it is so amazing!!
I would compare it to my code 1.

Although my suggestion is not around the $75 mark, it is under the $90 mark which is considered a “Budget” based throw.

The others have suggested good yoyos, but they are not Onedrop quality.

The Onedrop Burnside is the most appropriate yoyo to buy out of the best.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.


I already have a Dietz, so I don’t really want another Onedrop for a while.

My collection supports brand diversity.

So does my collection and yet I have 11 One Drops.

Get the Burnside. Diversify more later.

Something from Yoyofficer? Brave maybe?


I’d say just pick something that looks interesting to you since just about any yoyo you buy is gonna be smooth and perform well. I will say that the C3 stuff I’ve thrown is very nice and I enjoyed the Hour from werrd when I played it at worlds