good 70 dollars and bellow yoyos

Im looking for a smooth on the string, good grinding surface, comfortable yoyo with tight binds but doesnt snag for 70 dollars or bellow


Capless is an awesome option but you have to give us your preferences like size, weight, shape, etc… if you want an answer that will best suit what your looking for, other wise all the choices we give you will be what works for us. However, based on the information given, the capless is awesome and so is the recrev facade as well as the di base which is a bit cheaper at $55 and also the 1st blood brother is pretty awesome.

I would get the Capless.

what about the yyfs ???

If you want undersized,
Yuuksta or Gfunk, with out a doubt.

Larger? Northstar, protostar

C3 outdoes yyf in about every way exept mass production and models available

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But I still say capless.
It plays just Fantastic.

And is exactly your preferance.

i thought the boss was pretty good


and the capless is almost out of stock on yye and i still have to save up the money :-[

The boss is good and if that is what you want you should get it. However, I, as well as many others, believe that there are many other companies, c3yoyodesigns, etc…, that make excellent throws around the $70 price range as well. To me the capless is a much better value than the yyf boss not only because it is absolutely beautiful but it’s performance is on par with it’s look.

Oh, if money is the issue as of now.
Save up 70
If capless is in stock then, get it!
If not try the other suggestion, and have money leftover!

Either way is win-win

If the Capless goes out of stock theres also the Di Base and Halo. I have and love both :slight_smile:

That’s the way to look at it!

I got nothing in that “almost $70” category.

The Halo and Di Base are great and well under budget.

Any RecRev would probably work great. The new Turning Aparatus 1 in aluminum or Delrin would be fine.

The Something Firmy isn’t bad, but not the best of grinders.

I find tight binds and “no snags” is more dependent on skill and technique than the yoyo.

cafe racer

I thought about the Cafe Racer for a recommendation, but the Halo and Di Base in my opinion are so much better.

i think im going to go with the di base ;D

one option is to save a little more and to get a burnside is is one of my favorite yoyo’s i love its quality for price