C3 Capless questions

Okay so I heard the Capless played the best for its price but can it compete with the higher end yoyos like Arctic Circle,Avalanche,etc.? Also… Do you think it is okay to get it if I have a OD Yelets and arctic circle?

It is an excellent yoyo. I had one for a short time. I think it equals many higher priced throws… C3 makes great products and has excellent quality.

That being said I would buy a One Drop or CLYW instead. It is a fine yoyo though.

It’s perfectly fine to buy a cheaper throw even if you own a OD or clyw because you’re trying out something different always and possibly finding something to suit your preferences. The capless that I had played fine but I just didn’t enjoy the shape that much but it’s once again all about preferences and considering the price I don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it to see if you like it or not. You can always just trade it away since they’re so popular if you really don’t like it and if you do enjoy it you’ve just added another great throw to your collection.

I really enjoy mine. As others said, it’s just a “different” yoyo. It is competitive with something like the Avalanche (never tried an AC so I couldn’t say), but at the end of the day the Avalanche is still a little bit “better” (notice the quotation marks) in most ways.

I’m just not convinced it’s entirely “different” enough from the Avalanche (if you already own one) to justify the purchase. They fit a similar need. If you can, try one out first. If you LIKE that style of play and like to stay within it (but with a bit of variety in fit and finish), the Capless is a good one to add. If you want something totally different, I would probably look elsewhere, like one of the lighter SPYYs or an undersize (Dietz?) or something.

What yoyo should I get if I have a $90 budget?

Dude, so many recommendation threads aren’t going to get you anywhere! You’ve got a few throws now based on recommendations. Time to fly on your own!

Have a look around, pick one that you like the look of, and buy it! Or don’t, because they won’t do anything significantly different from what you already have unless you go WAY out there on a limb.

Glide, pinguino, glide through the waters unassisted, unfettered!

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Take a look at the yoyojam theory or werrd hour also. The hour is a fun throw and the theory has looked interesting

Trying different specs is always fun

Hmm… pinguino I’m guessing that’s penguin in another language so I will erm… glide.

Also on a $90 budget I’d go buy a baldwin, alpha clash, one star, and flipside but that’s just because I’ve been on a plstic phase and I’ve found all these throws to be fun

FG Avalanche!


You have a:


  • Skywalker
  • Yelets
    -Arctic Circle
  • Avalanche
  • Velocity
  • Probably more i dont remember


When you get to expert tricks on yye then MAYBE you need another yoyo… Gosh…

Save your money, you may burn out on yoyos.

some people enjoy collecting throws so I don’t see why he shouldn’t get more

you’re also getting to expose yourself to different kinds of throws which is lots of fun but it seems like plastics have unfortunately been overlooked from the list of throws I see

You should definately try giving a delrin throw a try at least and there’s plenty of cheap fun plastics that will blow you away

Wait, Baldwin is made from wood! But he might find it fun to play fixie sometimes, and there’s not many better than that!

Also in the list of capable plastics: YYJ Trigger! Loud but fun as well as being a very competent throw. Or Chaser because it’s a tank.

I am getting rid of all of them until I have a yelets,Arctic circle, and 2 others.

Point said… Thank you.

Amazing throw. I put a trifecta bearing with some terrapin dry lube in mine. I use it as much as my all time favoyrite the xcubed aware