The step after a C3 Capless?

I have been throwing a capless as my favorite yoyo to date.

I have been checking out all of the different possible upgrades to the Capless, and frankly I find it very difficult to find the best one.

I have been looking at the Avalanche, Berserker, and Trident.

Money is of no issue, I simply want a good upgrade. I love the Capless, and the almost weightlessness of it is fantastic. I feel that I get vibe pretty easily with it and I don’t feel that it handles grinds very well at all…

Any thoughts on this are more than welcome. The capless is the heaviest yoyo I have dealt with so far, and am not certain if getting a heavier yoyo will cause me to dislike the feeling of a yoyo. Anyways, I am always open to try anything out!

Thank you all for the support! If you recommend any specific bearing or string with a yoyo please indicate that as well please!

In my opinion get the Avalanche or the Berserker RX. They both are really great 1A yoyos. If you don’t have limitations with money, get any CLYW or the Berserker. Or get a YoYoRecreation. Those might be good. :smiley:

I have a Capless and I’ve played the Avalanche a bunch. Though they’re still in the same league in terms of play (Capless is incredible value for money!) I would personally consider the Avalanche to be an upgrade. It plays lighter than the Capless (not sure if they’re similar in actual weight; just talking about perception here) and grinds better.

I found that once I started getting into this “league” of yoyos, each new yoyo that I bought or tried started giving me the “yeah, it’s fine. But is it significantly better for me than the Capless?” line of questions. And the answer is typically “not really”.

I think the Avalanche is noticeably “better”, but not significantly. So when you’re talking about “upgrade” just keep in mind that it will be incremental improvements from here on out. If your expectations are set realistically, then you will probably enjoy a great many yoyos out there. :wink:

Take the Code 2 for example. It is more stable than the Capless. It grinds better. It has the Side Effect system if you dig that sort of thing (I think I do; just need different side effects so that I can really appreciate it). In all ways, it seems to be an “upgrade”. But to me, it’s more of a lateral difference. “Here’s something different than the Capless, and it’s awesome!” but not necessarily “Here’s a major upgrade to the Capless.”

All in all, I recommend thinking more in terms of trying something different than trying for an “upgrade”. Try to find something with a different profile, or which people claim has different properties. I hear the Berzerker plays heavier and has a mighty spin… awesome properties, and “different” from the Capless! On the other side, people LOVE the Dietz which is undersized and has a totally different profile than the Capless.

But I ramble. Whatever pricey yoyo you get will possibly be a slight “upgrade”, but will certainly at least be a “lateral” difference. Which in my opinion is still a great thing.

Like Greg said, any Yoyo over 100 bucks will be a small upgrade. I have never tried the Capless but I hear it’s the best you can get for it’s price. 20 bucks more and you get the Burnside which is supposed to be a great yoyo for it’s price also. If you want light, fast and stable, get a CLYW Chief or a OneDrop Cascade. Two best yoyo’s on earth for me.

Would the h5xchief be along the same league as these mentioned? I looked at that after my post yesterday, and I love c3 and have heard great things from clyw. Does anyone know?

The h5xChief is an incredible yoyo. It is extremely different from the Capless. :wink:

First of all, it is very large. As part of that largeness, it has a catch zone that could swallow a tow chain, never mind a yoyo string. The large diameter and rim-weighted shape, plus the “inner ring” give this thing spin time like it’s nobody’s business, as well as incredible stability.

I love the h5xChief. If you want “different and also ‘better’” this is definitely one to consider. But if you just want “upgrade, but otherwise similar”, steer clear.

I think it would be a stellar change/upgrade from the Capless. Just be prepared for the bignitude.

Haha exactly. That thing is like a mini diabolo. I wish I could of actually thrown one though. :’(
Whatever is from C3, CLYW, SPYY, OneDrop, or whatever that are over 100 are going to be good.

I have narrowed it to the chief, avalanche or the h5xchief. I really need some advice on each please so I can make an educated decision. I have no issue with a yoyo feeling completely different than I am used to. I just want to know that the yoyo can perform extremely well and won’t let me down. I primarily want smoothness and very little vibe.

Grab a chief. It feels just as big as the capless does. I feel that the avalanche is a little smaller than the capless, but that’s all preferences.

I am playing with my capless right now, and this thing is a beast

Also look into the deadly spins wrath. aMAZING!!!

The Avalanche or the Wrath if you want something… similar-ish. They’re both basically “stability” upgrades over the Capless, but it’s an incremental upgrade.

If you want something “different” but without going all-out nutty, the Chief is the one for you.

If you want something unique (but with stability and spin time for days), it’s the Hx5Chief.

From your narrowed-down list, I’d say go for the Chief. It’s different enough that you will feel you have an all-new yoyo. It’s more stable. It grinds better. It has gobs of spin time. You won’t regret it.

This is the last question, I promise.

My choice lies between the chief and Arctic circle. Both look wonderful.

What is your advice?

I own both and the arctic circle plays wirh more momentum while the chief is floaty. The AC gives better spin times and it is my favorite yoyo to date. It is also wayyyy more stable. It is such a shame that it is underrated compared to a chief. Also buy a Terrapin x bearing with it if you can. It makes the AC play a even more amazing. If you choose the chief then get a ceramic konkave instead of the terrapin. Out of these two I would say, go with the arctic circle.

Chief. Ac is too slow. It also has a shorter axel than the chief also. And I don’t know what kind of AC you have, mine doesn’t come close to my Chiefs spintime.

I compare all my new throws to my capless and honestly none are really an ‘upgrade’, the capless is just a super solid throw and i always end up going back to it.

If you want something super stable though, id suggest a gsquared nessie

I would say my AC have superior spin times to my Chief. Second run Ac and 66g Chief. They’re equally stable IMO. Ac is on the heftier side, Chief is on the floatier side.

My throw is not that great but, I clocked my chief at 6 mins and my ac at 7:45. In my opinion the arctic circle plays faster than the chief. You just have to really push it. The reason for the longer spin is the weight. I used the same bearing for these tests. It was the stock
center trac that comes with them for unbiased spin times. I also twisted the strings for adjustment.

You should go for a 100-150 dollar throw. Try a yoyo like a Supernova or a Genesis. They aren’t expensive like you want but they are very good. also while they are out you should get a OD markmont NEXT or a Dietz. Or a cascade.

I got 8:14 with a gold bearing on my Chief, and and 7:53 with same bearing on the AC. I don’t know, no hate to anybodies yoyo, it all comes down to personal preference. I love both. I just prefer my Chief for competition.

They are both great. Do you have an older run AC? The newer ones are a couple grams lighter and they play a lot better.