Next yoyo to purchase?

Hello all,

I have been considering getting a new yoyo now that it is Christmas and it is a great excuse to get myself one!

I exclusively have been using my protostar, and I am focusing purely on string play for now. I love the protostar and all, I but I would love to have another yoyo to throw every now and then.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be a great step up? I I really don’t have much of a problem with cost. The I was considering getting a c3 capless . Anyone have any comments?

Thank you so much for your support!

Can’t go wrong with anything C3!

Still questioning the token I bought…

But if you look just left of this you’ll notice what one of my favorites is

Avalanche? :wink:

North Star.

The capless sounds like a phenomenal yoyo, and I am super excited to get one.

I was just afraid that it was so good that I would have no need to buy any other yoyo for the rest of my life. Lol

I just want to ensure that there are plenty of other great yoyos out there that I can look forward to without this one being the end all.

I just bought an Ava… You can always find something you want

Di Base I absolutely love mine! It became my all time favorite throw! I love it for grinds and slacks the most!

Always… Ugh

I guess I shall go ahead and place my order for a capless then!

My only slight fear is that I have been using a plastic, so hopefully this will be an easy transition for a metal.

Trust me, transitioning from plastics to metals isnt weird or hard at all. I loved my dv888 SO MUCH when I got it. I was finally able to do finger grinds with a decent surfaced yoyo, and it’s so much better in every way.

Anyways, no worries. I loved the transition, and it’s not like you have to stop buying plastics.

It is a verry nice yoyo, but its not the best C3. I would get a yeah3. If you are worried about never wanting another yoyo, because you have a capless, you don’t have to worry.
and he is right, you can’t go wrong with anything C3

CODE 2!!!

The Capless would be great. However, Mr.Yoyoguy mentioned how it’s easier to do finger grinds on a metal yoyo, but I think that the Capless doesn’t have the necessary blast finish for that. In my opinion you won’t be missing much, if anything at all. I think everyone on here would agree that the Capless would be fantastic.

I am looking into ordering it right now (Capless), and it appears as though it does not have a ‘center-trac’ bearing. I am rather used to a center-trac due to my protostar… Will it be odd using a normal bearing now?

I was considering ordering a center-track from yoyoexpert (where I am ordering my capless) so would this be a bad idea? or is it wiser to stick with it stock?

Also, I need some string. I saw that they sell kitty string hear. Is that good at all? I seem to be a fan of type 6 100% poly orange string. So I was thinking about getting either Slim or Normal kitty string. which is better? Is Kitty string a bad choice? Especially for the Capless?

Any idea are wonderful! Thank you!

The notmal bearing will be fine. If nt just switch your center trac into it. And yes, kitty string is awesome

A little higher than the protostar why not Cafe Racer By One Drop? Or a Nova by yoyofactory, OR A DARK MAGIC 2 that will get you through any tricks.

The capless is a great is smooth and has a comfortable shape. It doesn’t have the best finish for grinds, but we can get past that.

Goons down in price you have the Di base by c3yo. It has a v shape and plays well. Price to performance wise it is just like the capless. That means it plays up there with hundred dollar throws so you can’t go wrong.

Going down even more is the echo by Duncan. It has a finish that is more suitable for grinding. It’s pretty smooth and has a good feel in hand.

But in the end it’s all preference. What do you like?

Yes it will feel odd, but it helps you learn to correct your throw, as well as have more string wraps.

And even if you don’t like it you can swap the bearings