Whats wrong with the C3 Capless???


Is the C3 Capless flawed in some way?? I dont understand how the price can be so low and yoyoexpert’s stock be so high.

Its absolutely gorgeous and has the proper size, weight, response, and bearing of a high end throw.

Why are they only 65 bucks, and why isnt yoyoexpert sold out already?? ???

Thanks in advance for your input. :slight_smile:




Ah ok. I was thinking that I just didnt want to say anything.


This could be a lesson is a phenomenon we find in contemporary marketing. If in fact C3 Design would have doubled their price and we had to pay $130 for it YYE may very well have sold out by now. However, with the price set as low as it is consumers conclude, as the OP did, this yo-yo must be flawed in some way. So people move on to shop for a “better” product and they don’t move.

I own a C3 Design Capless and I think it’s terrific. And you’re right, it really gorgeous as well!
Buy one.


Sounds about right.



Idk why they aren’t. They play frickin’ fantastic. I wish I still had mine. I’ll probably pick up another one.


I am relieved to hear the good reviews. I will most definetly pick one up soon


Well I just ordered one. Red/Orange/Violet Acid Wash. 8)


I’ve been postponing ordering one since I ran out of funds. I got funds, I think it’s time to add that and maybe something else to the collection.

The only thing I can see wrong with the Capless is I don’t have one right this second!


This is exactly the same one I own. It will not disappoint.


Lol just ordered a red/orange/violet acid wash one. Such an awesome colorway.


You mean this one??? Plays awesome and looks even better!!! Love my Capless.


You guys must be pushing the saturation slider up on your photos. On my red/orange/violet Capless the colors are much more muted.


Actually it looks better in person!! Really!!


Maybe it has something to do with the shape? Less machine work, cheaper price kinda thing. Or perhaps it’s be cause it came out along with an even cheaper metal throw.? The wash on it is beautiful. :o Maybe I’ll get one soon…


I was thinking about this the other day. When you look at the Capless compared to a Capsule 2, the only thing different is the cup design, yet they’re $45 apart.

I bought both so I’ll get to see for myself.

They have the best acid washes I’ve ever seen.


I have one in the mail. I was pretty close to getting the bronze with yellow and white (I think that’s what the colorway was called) since it looked a lot like nebulae; so much more depth than just random spatter.

But, I got the violet/orange/red (the featured color) in the end. Just couldn’t resist.


I really would like to know the Capless compares to the Capsule 2. Let us know when you get them in.


I really wonder about C3s pricing decisions. They make all their yoyos in China so costs are much lower than Western manufacturers yet many of their throws sell for premium prices, some even more than the average American made yoyo.

Do they set prices based on their costs, the yoyos performance, or just try to ensure they have something available at most price points? Or some combination of factors?


Well Ive been playing my new capless for over a day now. Plays just as good as my $100+ throws. Im still a beginner so maybe I am not the best person to judge.

Red / Orange / Violet + Purple Kitty String looks very beautiful.

I am 100% happy with this purchase.