Best yoyo for under $70

Which yoyo does everybody would be the best value/option for this price range?

Here are a few i was thinking about:

C3Yoyodesign Capless
YYF 2012 Severe
YYF G-Funk

I have never used any of these, but the Capless has been very, very well received. That would be my first choice. Some people have gone to say that the Severe is the best plastic ever made. The G Funk would be a good choice if you like undersized yoyos. Also consider the Werrd Hour. It’s a great budget yoyo.

The theory is very nice.

Forgot about the theory.

I have tried the severe and it is excellent, so I might get one of those. I have the supernova and I love it too so I think the severe might be a solid choice for me. I just wanted to see what everyone though.

Thought not though

  1. Awesome vids on YouTube!
  2. Yes, the severe is a great choice, but I would go with the g funk… Its just preference to me. If your buying from a store, try them all out and see which one fell best for you, if your buying online try to meet up with somebody who has the yoyo you might get and try that.

Capless and G-Funk are two totally different beasts. It would be hard to find two less similar modern unresponsive yoyos!

Both are great, though.

Can’t speak to the Severe, never having tried one.

RecRev makes quite a few under that price point.

However, Capless is awesome.

I don’t care for the YYF models mentioned, but that’s my preferences.

I’m also having a fantastic time with other yoyos under $70 and FURTHER down the price range. How far down depends on what exactly makes you happy.

Feel free to ignore me. I’ve been playing an “upgraded” Classic most of the day.

At the risk of redundancy, I own a Capless and must say I find it a remarkable throw for what I paid for it. I believe they are a tremendous value!

I actually thought about doing this…how does it play when upgraded?

I’d say the play is almost on par with a delrin Severe. It’s just that good of a throw.



Also how is the alpha crash? Is it ok for a slow style of play?

It is great and very versatile

You got it! Go Capless! Unless you want a plastic, go severe, many believe its the best plastic yoyo out there so look into those 2