Best yoyo under 80$


There is no "best’. It’s all about preferences.

Let me throw out a few items out of stuff I have:

RecRec Freq. Wav, @ and Facade
C3 DiBase, Halo, Capless
sOMEThING Firmy, V
YYF Roll Model is good if you like that kind of shape
YYJ Phenomizm if you’re into V’s.
ILYY VOID is pretty nice.

How low you want to go? If price is no object…

God Tricks Bounty Hunter, Cyclone and Destiny.

However, it’s up to you to choose. I can switch between the Anglam and an upgraded Classic and be pretty content either way.

I heard the YYJ Theory is a bang for the buck…

Zen series

You have heard correctly, young chosen one. Lol. Here are a few:

C3 Halo
YYJ Theory
YYJ Classic(throw in sili, and a jk bearing and it plays like a boss, not a YYF Boss, u have no idea how those play)
YYJ Trigger
YYJ Inspire

And if you can go a little extra, get a YYJ Trinity, very underrated (but me a YoyoSpirit almost kill each other when one goes on BST)

MYY - N12
C3YYD - Alpha Crash
YYF - Severe (I’ve this it’s amazing)
YYJ - Dark Magic II
RecRev - @ (this is a beauty)
RecRev - Freq. Wave
RecRev - Capless (I’ve this it’s amazing)

all those are really really good, the rest is up to you whether you want a metal or a plastic, or delrin!

if you’d like any help :slight_smile: feel free to PM ME!

the capless is a c3yoyodesign

Your poll is useless. Anyway, the magic yoyo n12 is good i’ve heard. The c3 capless is good, and so is anything metal from recrev is good too. The Freq.wav some say is comparable to the clyw chief. I’ve also heard that the yyj Theory is really good. If you’re willing to spend five more dollars, the Supernova and Genesis by yyf are great.

:o who are you and what have you done with iyoyo58??

:stuck_out_tongue: just joking.

I am in love with my V by sOMETHING.

Yessss that is right lol i was copy pasting and that happened ! Thanks though :slight_smile:

If you haven’t yet, definitely check out the Werrd Hour

It’s 7075 aluminum, comes stock with a center trac, bead blasted finish, and splash anodized for only $60. Leaves you enough to buy a bundle of strings and some pads, too.

i’d go and say that:
of the most underrated and underpriced throws are the Qin and the 1934 V2 from yoyo apartment…