Some Advice?

I’ve decided it’s time for a new yoyo, and I need some help on making a decision. I currently throw a yoyofactory DV888. I really enjoy the play style, but I’d like a yoyo with tighter(can’t think of a better word) response. I would also like to get into more slack tricks. Additionally I would like a yoyo less than $90ish and not from yoyofactory or yoyojam, as I have a yoyo from both companies and would like to experiment with less known companies. I’ve played with a Chico Route 66, and like the play style of that if it helps, but its just out of my price range.

All suggestions will be considered and I will inform everyone on my final decision.
Also, plus five charisma to whomever’s suggestion I make a final decision on


A one drop 54 is a VERY good yoyo for the price.

What are the major differences between the 54 and the Burnside?

I agree, but i would also look into RecRev metals or their derlin.

Most obvious difference is the 54 has Side Effects and the Burnside does not. I haven’t had the chance to throw the 54 but the Burnside is one of my favorites and a yoyo that took my play up a level. Burnside is a little bigger all around and has a strong H shape which I prefer over the more classic wing shape of the 54. Burnside also has a decent IGR. On the other hand, the Side Effects are a really cool feature. With OneDrop you really can’t go wrong either way.

Another yoyo I’ve been throwing a lot recently is the G-Squared Albatross. It simply does everything well plus it is machined by OneDrop. Might be a little pricier , but I don’t think I could pick a favorite between the it and the Burnside.

And you can’t strip the axle with the side effects so the yoyo will last longer.

Pull the pads out of your DV888 and put some flowable silicone in there. If you haven’t done this before, check out a few videos to see how. It’s pretty easy. Your DV888 response will come alive.

Besides the Side Effects they’re still really different. The 54 is mid-sized and has a more classic shape. The Burnside is oversized and has a more modern shape resulting in a much more stable, longer spinning yoyo.

The 54 is popular because it’s a fun yoyo with a laid-back feeling to it. The Burnside is more of a competitor and easier to learn tricks on in my opinion.

I really love Side Effects but out of those two yoyos I’d have to recommend the Burnside. Also, you’re unlikely to have any issues with the response on any One Drop throws.

Another yoyo to consider is the Werrd Hour which I feel is on par with the Burnside. Has an even bigger diameter which you may or may not like.

If you like your dv888, consider the g funk. Similar in size, the gfunk is a cut above the dv888 in every other way.