Burnside vs 54


How do these compare? Which is a better “chill” throw?


its interesting that your post count is 54…but in all seriousness, it depends on if you want heavy or light. 54 is light, burnside is heavier.


lol what are the odds :slight_smile:


now your post count is 55 and cant help you decide… :smiley:


Haha…guess ill get a burnside lol

The burnside is a solid yoyo, right?


Burnside is definitely a solid yoyo. I don’t know why, but the Burnside feels more rugged than any yoyo I’ve held. I’m not talking in terms of play, but literally how the yoyo feels. lol. But yes, it also a very solid player. It has got some weight to it, but also a good amount of float. Perfect for “chill” throwing, if you ask me. :wink:

And its stupid smooth. River rock smooth.

Good luck! I’m sure you won’t regret your purchase with either one. I’ve never thrown a 54, but its a OneDrop… You can’t go wrong with a OneDrop.


no doubt, ive never thrown one but like wretchedrapture said, with onedrop, you cant go wrong!


Thanks I think I’m going with the burnside. :slight_smile:


Of the two, I prefer the Burnside over the 54. It’s a better shape for me.


I think it would be better for me too.


shortest post I think I’ve ever seen from you haha


54 is for sure more chill. Super fun and responds really well to side effects which is a nice bonus. Super floaty and nice with ultralights.


Love the Burnside… They are both good. 54 can use Side Effects and the Burnside can’t.


Often for me, the side effects are more of a novelty and a waste of my time than anything else. Why? Well, after playing with various side effects, I typically end up going back to the stock side effects, because in my preferences and opinion, I felt that provide the best performance. The only exception I have found is I do like the Code 2 with disc side effects, so I keep one that way and one stock.

I do like the concept of side effects. The whole concept of being able to make changes without investing in a whole new yoyo is a great concept, even though it does add cost to the initial built and design, the costs of buying even a complete set of side effects will maybe come CLOSE to a new yoyo.

I like the Burnside with a Dry Play treated Trifecta, it just plays exactly how I want things. There’s nothing “budget” feeling about this yoyo.

The 54 is a bit more on the “organic” shape category, which is great, but it’s not the same kind of organic that companies such as CLYW and even GSquared present. I do like the organic kind of shapes. I think my issue with the 54 is it’s just not quite a perfect fit for me. I still enjoy this a lot, and it’s still a great yoyo. I just like other stuff more. It is very comfortable in the hand and the surface treatment feels great as well.

It comes down to preferences. Both are great.


Thanks once again.


I think the Burnside plays fantastic and generally prefer it to the 54. But I don’t really think of it as a “chill” throw largely cause of how heavy it feels on the string.

For a comp I’d take the Burnside, for chilling I’d go 54.