54 vs burnside

My friend was just wondering which would be a better throw. :slight_smile:

I say burnside, just because it fits my preferences better. But the 54 has side effects and that is awesome. They are both amazing, and it will depend on his/your preferences.

The burnside is more modern and competitive, so I would get it.

Personally, I prefer the 54, but that’s only because of its fun personality. For a more competition-oriented throw, go for the Burnside. It’ll probably be the last yoyo you ever need

App flaked out, my bad

I got a burnside a few months ago. It’s really goooooooood in my opinion.

I have no idea where you got this idea…perhaps you mis-typed? The Burnside is H-shaped, on the heavier side, stable and powerful, whereas the 54 is the typical butterfly shape with less competition oriented play. Not meaning to call you out or anything but I completely disagree with that statement.

He said the Burnside was more competition oriented then the 54. Maybe you misread? ::slight_smile:


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The 54 was too light for me when I played it. The side effects are cool though. The Burnside is really good. I’ve only tried both of these once, and I was a beginner… But the burnsides colorways are pretty sweet :wink: